SmallRig Universal Smartphone Holder Review

The best smartphone tripod mount might be the SmallRig Universal Smartphone Holder. SmallRig has been making incredible videography accessories for many years. Things like cages that surround your camera and offer endless mounting capabilities for other accessories. But the SmallRig Universal Smartphone Holder might be the best smartphone tripod mount ever. Because it’s versatile enough to work with an Arca Swiss tripod head, or can sit on a flat surface, or be handheld. Plus you can attach two accessories to the mount, like a microphone and light.

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Small rig is a company who makes various camera accessories for really videographers cinematographers. For the most part, basically products that will attach to your camera, like a cage for your camera, that you can then attach other accessories like microphone, mounts, and, and GoPro mounts and this and grips and all this other stuff to it. Small rig makes amazing products, but I’ve never owned any of them Until now. But this one is something I’ve never seen before from small rig. So I’m excited to, uh, to try this out,

Hey, this is Scott Wyden. Kivowitz a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. And in this video, we’re talking about this bunny ears product from small. It’s not really a bunny ears thing. We’re talking about this product from small rig. This kind of looks like a transformer. This is an iPhone Mount, but this is an iPhone Mount that has ARCA Swiss built in and can do way more than just Mount your phone to your tripod. So the first thing you do is you actually flip this up and you make this flat right now, when it’s flat like this, you can actually identify the [inaudible] points, very clearly, grab your tripod and yes, slide in the orchestra with part into your tripod plate, into your ball head. And now you’ve got that mounted. And then you can flip this up and you can turn this, and now you can Mount your phone right in there.

And of course you could do this horizontal. You can do this vertical. You’ve got what you need right there for your phone. If you use a phone and you use the moment lenses, you could easily easily attach your moment lenses there. Now this is just a spring loaded Mount. There’s no lock on this and it is grabbing my moment case. Uh, it is basically pretty snug on there. I do wish that it was a little bit of a tighter grip and that it was that there was a lock because I can just quickly go like that. And it popped right out. But for the most part, it’s pretty sturdy. And it’s, it’s, there’s a lot of tension on this, so it is pretty sturdy. But so that is step one, right? This is what you can do. Step one with this. And that’s a pretty cool thing that you’ve got a tripod Mount that by the way, has a culture right here.

So you can slide in a microphone and it also has some threading right here. The bottom, if you don’t have a darkest with, you can actually attach a, any camera plate to this, you can attach other accessories, a light Allume cube, a Lightro whatever, right to the bottom of this. Or if it’s vertical to the side of this, also this hinge right here is also very, very stiff. So if you were to angle this like this, it’s not going anywhere it’s going to stay put, okay. So that this part of it, let’s say we don’t want to use the tripod. Let’s say we want to just use this as a tripod. Well, remember that bottom piece here, this piece that has the ARCA Swiss plate right here, you can take these legs and separate them, and now you have a beautiful stand. This will sit on anything.

And again, on any sort of level base, this will sit and you’ve got your phone right there. Now this may not be really as a tripod, even though he could, in theory, be used as a tripod. If you wanted to, it’s just very heavy toward the backside. So it might fall over, but it will be good for video calls, FaceTimes, things like that. So if you need a quick thing where you just set it up and you angle it down like that, so that people can see you with your FaceTime, that’s a, that’s a nice thing you can do right there. And of course, the last thing you can do with this is really just use it as a, sort of a little selfie stick type thing for, for blogging or for, for whatever, really. So it’s just got a nice grip to it and you can just hold it and look at yourself or do it the back way.

If you want to Mount your phone the other way, you can do it that way as well. And, uh, and you can just start recording that way. So this little phone Mount is quite versatile for, for a simple product and it’s built very well. You can feel the metal inside that is actually really sturdy. I would trust my phone on this. Again, the only part that worries me is that this doesn’t have a lock. And I wish that the grip was a little bigger than it would actually like really, really grip onto the phone versus just a little bit of curve. I mean, it’s not terrible, but it could be better. This is one of those products that will wind up making its way into my bag. When I travel, it’ll probably wind up sitting on my desk as a sort of nice, quick phone Mount for when I need something like this.

Uh, my favorite part about this is that I can slip a microphone right on top if I want to, and even attach something to the bottom so I can have a light or something attached to my phone. If I’m doing things like that, heck I can even use this on my switch pod because I have an orcas with baldhead on my switch spot. So this gives me more versatility with the switch pod. That’s pretty cool. Check it out at small rig. I will link to this product in the description below. Definitely check that out. This, uh, beautiful phone Mount from small rig.

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