Siri Shortcuts for Photographers

As of iOS 12, Apple has a new app called Siri Shortcuts. It allows for any apps to integrate with Siri for a variety of tasks. For example, capturing a picture without touching the phone, or telling us specific things about the weather, or playing an Apple Music playlist and then turning up the volume. Siri Shortcuts have already been helpful in my daily life, but I’m excited to see what can happen to it in the future for photographers.

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iOS 12 is now out and there’s a new thing called Siri shortcuts, and today I want to talk about Siri shortcuts for photographers. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about in this video. We’re talking about Siri shortcuts in Ios 12. Check this out. Hey Siri, bike mode, running your short little delay.

What that did is it launched apple music, shuffled my songs, and turned the volume all the way up so when my phone is mounted on my bicycle and I’m riding around, I got some music. Now Siri shortcuts is really cool and apps are starting to integrate with it and what that means is that eventually you’re going to be able to do a whole lot of tasks without actually touching your phone. A good example of this is dark sky. I can now say to my phone asking for the forecast from the weather app that I like using the most. Hey Siri, what’s the forecast running? Your shortcut deluxe guy says, it’s 66 degrees and overcast, mostly cloudy throughout the day. Done now the cool part is I’m doing this with a third party APP, not the apple weather app. I like dark, dark sky more. I find it more reliable and a I can just talk to my phone. That’s good because now I can ask my phone if it’s not in my hand, I can ask my phone what the weather is going to be if I have a photo session outside. Another thing you can do is hey, Siri, fire the shutter.

I just took a photo of the background without even touching the camera and that is done using the Halide app and this and a Siri shortcut of fire. The shutter by the way, that just took a picture in Ra. What else is really cool is I can actually say to Siri to buffer the last photo I use Buffer is a social media automation service and I use that to schedule a lot of my social media posts and I can take a photo and then just say to Siri to buffer the last photo and it is literally going to set that up and now I can have a photo sent to Instagram, sent it twitter, facebook, wherever. W with barely touching my phone. Now I don’t have a lot of shortcuts setup because not all apps are integrated with it yet, but slowly and surely they are good examples of what might come up are things like things that might wind up being the perfect series.

Shortcuts or integrations with apps like photo pills or the photographer’s where I could say to theory to show me the best location or the book, the show me the best angle and it’ll launch the APP and pinpoint my location and tell me the best place to be based on the sun. Now, that doesn’t exist right now, but that’s just one example of what could happen. Or there could be one where I tell Siri to launch lightroom, cc on my phone and bring me to the latest sinked collection. That’ll be good for calling or showing your client some of the photos that you have prepared. Another shortcut that would be really nice. Integration with Siri, shortcuts and square or quickbooks or whatever software you use, whatever app you use as well on your phone for collecting payments from your clients where you could say to Siri to bill so-and-so $200, that’s just a.

that’s just a random number and it will then launch the APP and bill that person right then and there and you can collect payment. So there are a lot of ways that series shortcuts could really benefit photographers, and I want to hear from you, what ways do you think, what apps do you think should integrate with Siri shortcuts and what would those shortcuts be? Comment below and let me know if you like this video. Click that subscribe button below. Now. I published new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it and don’t forget to karate kick that notification bill. Hey Siri, log water.

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