The WE35 project for March was to Seeing Double. The idea was to do multiple exposures. Ideally done in-camera without the need for Photoshop manipulation. However, not all cameras can do multiple exposures, so some had to use software for the effect.

My original plan for Seeing Double was to have a photo of my daughter looking to one side, and me looking towards the other. So we’re looking at each other. But she wouldn’t stay still for me. Go figure! But really, what two-year-old stays still anyway?

Here is the outtake from that idea.

Seeing Double Outtake

Since I couldn’t get the framing correct with her constant jumping on the trampoline, I went with plan-b.

Since it was 20 degrees here in New Jersey, and we were about to get 12″ of snow, I did a double exposure which brings the outside in.

Seeing Double

I photographed my daughter leaning against the window. I then went to the backdoor and photographed our backyard.

The photo you see is the result of the multiple exposures.

It’s almost as though you’re standing outside looking at her reflection. But that’s impossible. Photo magic is fun!

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