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I’ve been using Think Tank Photo’s memory card case wallet for many years. I’ve had their Pixel Pocket Rockets and similar products for each of my memory cards types from Compact flash to SD cards. But now that the Nikon D850 wants XQD cards and the Nikon Z series cameras want XQD cards, I thought it was time to try a new memory card case. So I reached out to my friends at Think Tank Photo to ask about their new Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket. In this video, I’ll share my thoughts on the new memory card case.

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Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I think in about in this video we’re gonna be talking about memory cards and how to keep them secure. For years I have been using the think tank, photo, memory card wallet, that Pixel Pocket Rocket, the peewee Pixel, pucker rocket and all whatever the names that they’ve had for this one in particular only hold sd cards. I have some that hold compact flash cards and SD cards. I have some that only hold compact flash cards on the only hold SD cards. I’ve got a whole bunch of these and the cool thing is that can also hold your business cards. These are fantastic because they can literally fit in your wallet. You can put a credit card in here and just hold it. Credit Card, business card and memory cards.

They’re very, very versatile as far as you know, how they could be. They’re not waterproof. Then it made like a Pelican memory card case where you could literally submerge it in water, but I’m not in that type of situation where I need to worry about weather proofing my memory cards like that. They also give the ability to have this, this you can use this little loop and there’s a little sort of thread daisy chain that can connect to a bag, especially the think tank and mind shift gear bags, but I’m running into a problem because the Nikon d850 takes xqd card and the Nikon z six, which I will be using soon also only takes xqd card, so I have to start switching to XqD. I’m not looking forward to that switch. I’m very hesitant about that. That’s the one thing that is a turnoff about the new Nikon z series.

Cameras. To me, I’d rather just be SD cards. I’m doing what I have to do. The Execute d card does not fit inside of this memory card wallet. I don’t want to use the compact flash memory card wallet because it’s a little bit too big. They’re the compact flashes or more squared and these are more rectangle and will. These will just slide right out of those pockets. When I heard about the new think tank photo, secure Pixel, pocket rocket, I was intrigued and my friends at thinking photo gladly sent me over one to have a look at and share my thoughts on this is the new secure pixel pocket rocket and they can see it’s still packaged up. I didn’t open it up yet. We’re about to do that right now. First of all, you can see that it’s already a bigger size. You can see that the secure while is actually a little bit bigger.

Not much was probably just enough. This one came in two colors. I think it was a green. The green you see right here or this sort of gray and black color with a green daisy chain green thread. Now I like how on the front of the packaging on the front, they’re actually showing pro grade memory cards. Um, and lex are memory cards and Sandisk. They’re not just showing sandisk or Alexa. Alright, so it is roped the to the packaging. Uh, I’m going to cut the rope, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to cut the rope. Let’s just confirm that this. Yeah, I think we need to cut the rope.

So it’s the back shows me what fits. Let me get rid of this knife. I don’t even need a knife anymore. So the back of the packaging shows me what fits in here and it shows me that fit six cf cards or sticks xqd card or 12 SD cards or micro SD cards so it can hold a lot of stuff. And the reason why I’m not so concerned about the fact that can hold all these varieties because it’s a cure. It means it has zippers for each compartment so that the memory cards don’t fall out when you open up the velcro. So here is the new wallet. And first things first we can see there is something different that I like to point out. This piece right here where you would put your, um, your business cards, it looks like it doubles as a belt loop so you can actually put your belt through that and have this actually attached to your belt.

And I’m guessing that the business card, a business card just slips in, right? And they’re seeking, there’s a mind shifting tank, a little card in there. I’ll leave it there for now. But now on the inside you can see as made in Vietnam, just like most of the think tank bags and mindshift products and things like that. There are these zippers. So there’s four compartments, two of which are bigger, one of which is smaller and they all all three zip up with these small zippers. And I can fit in the qt Carter, which I’m going to do right now. So you can see two ready in there. Now here’s my little trick as a fun little bonus tip. When I use my memory cards, I leave with the label facing out. Once the memory card is filled up, I actually put it in the, in the memory card case backwards.

No label. You don’t see the label anymore. That means it’s filled. That means I need to now back that up before I format the card. Alright, so it looks like if the xqd fits perfectly in the top pouch, let’s see if it fits in the bottom pouch. I’m actually curious. Yeah, that fits in the bottom as well. So it fits in the top two and if it’s in the bottom and I can actually probably squeeze a couple SD cards in each of these bigger ones and maybe one or two in the bottom ones so I can probably fit a lot more memory cards than what the label actually says. Um, which is, which is Kinda cool. So then when you fold it up again, you can either slip it through your belts, now it’s attached to your belt and that’s nice. It’s not going anywhere. Or again, you can use this little thread and clip it onto your bag.

And that way if you open your bag, you don’t just end, it drops, it’s just hanging on, right? It’s not going anywhere. As far as materials go, it feels exactly like the original pixel pocket rockets. It’s flexible, it’s durable. Um, I’m, I’m pleased they did a good job. They didn’t deviate from a product that already so good. All I did was build upon it by making it safer for memory cards to not fall out, which is, which is a good thing. Thank you. Think tank photo for sending me the secure Pixel pocket rocket. I can’t wait to put it into good use out in the field and make sure that these new xqd cards and all my sd cards are secure. Now, mack worldwide warranty may not have warranties on memory guards, but they do have it on camera equipment. If you need an extended warranty for your camera, consider the Mack or buy warranty. They’re diamond warranty covers everything from liquid to drops and much more available and electronic stores, camera stores, and retailers around the world. Thanks Mack for partnering with me on this video. If you liked this video, click that subscribe button below. Now I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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