RODE VideoMic Me-L Review

The RODE VideoMic Me-L is a fantastic, affordable, lightning-based mic for iOS devices. This is my review of the new mic.

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How is this sounding? How is this sounding? Because. Well, Oh, and I’m doing some stuff here. Don’t worry about that. Uh, this just came in and I’m really looking forward to this because the timing is perfect because I am headed to New York City this weekend to work camp, New York City to speak about podcasting and. Well, uh, the Sunday, there’s two days of this conference. The Saturday I’m going, I’m probably bringing my Nikon D850 and the video mic pro plus microphone. But uh, the Sunday I had to bring my laptop and I don’t want to travel with my laptop and the camera. So this should be really handy because I have my iphone 10, which I’m recording on right now. And the moment lens which I’m using right now, the 18 millimeter moment lens to get the wider view for videos. And let’s check out this cleaner audio.

So this should be sounding a a lot better. I’m now recording this with the video mic. Me L, m, l is for lightening by the way, if you don’t know that and I am testing it without the windscreen, I don’t like the windscreen that it comes with a probably wind up getting or making some sort of little windscreen to go on this microphone because the one that it came with, his kind of giant fluff ball even though it is meant for it, it’s kind of crazy. Maybe I will carry in my bag just because it is squishy and it can fit in the bag and if it’s really windy, you know, maybe I’ll slip it on but until I get something more like the Foamy, smaller type thing. Heather, she sounded a lot better. I am recording with a built in video app. I am not recording with filmic or any other video app for the iphone.

I’m using just the camera app on video. So how does this sound? I don’t know because I don’t. I don’t even have headphones. I could plug in headphones and listen to myself talk, but there’s no reason to. So how does this sound? This should sound so much clearer than what it does without the mic. And right now I am recording inside of the moment app. The moment app gives me some nice control. Does good autofocus. I don’t have. It’s unlike filmic where it filmic pro. You have to select your autofocus point pretty much all the time. Moment is more like the built in camera app. I can select, but I can also just let it choose. I also can do some sort of distortion correction for the wide lens and A. Yeah, moment sells the mic. So I’m assuming that the APP handles the Mike Pretty well.

Last but not least, I am in the filmic app now. I can’t use filmic for the vlog style videos because it. Well you literally need to put the focus in the center and if I ever go off center it’ll go out of focus and I don’t like that so I can’t use filmic for blogging. But what’s cool about filmic is that the audio part of the feet, the setting where you can choose your audio. Does that cue recognize that it’s a video mike meet l. So it knows already with it plugged in, it defaults to that microphone, which is pretty darn cool. So this is the filmic pro app. So what can I say about the video mic meet l? Well, I’m highly impressed. Not once that I use the dead cat that this microphone came with, but what’s really nice is that it is snug in the lightning port of your iphone.

It also gives you a headphone port in the back. So if you want to listen and you have regular headphones with a regular headphones plug, then you can plug it right in there. Now it does come with this little plastic thing which you can put on and then get it depending on how thick your cases, you can squeeze it tight around your case and that will keep this more snug. Snugger snugly are tighter. Now. Obviously right now I am not recording using this microphone because I’m using. I’m holding the microphone, but if you watch my vlog on from the word Camp New York City event, then you heard a 100 percent. What it sounds like with this microphone, none of that is walking around in New Jersey on the way to the bus that is in New York City. Walking around that at an event in New York City. If you’re in a more controlled environment, of course this is gonna sound even better, but the fact that it sounded so good on an iphone with just a little microphone then to not that expensive.

It’s under $100 in US dollars. I’m highly impressed now. I used to have the zoom, a zoom like Z, six z seven, something like that, and it was okay, but it oftentimes it cut out. It would cut out during the recording and I’d get this weird static and noise and you could also turn the direction of the microphone, which got a little confusing at times and sometimes I’d accidentally turn it in. So I sold it and now I have this, which is a shotgun style mic is only picking up what’s in front of it and a little bit on the side. So whenever I plan on doing any video work and I don’t want to carry a big camera and I need to just carry light like my iphone, I plan on using this, this combined with the moment lens. The 18 millimeter moment lens, I think is the perfect budget friendly video setup, especially for somebody who already has an iphone.

If your head, if you have an iphone and you’ve got the lightning port video, Mike, meet l is your best friend for capturing good audio on your iphone. If you like this video, click that subscribe button below. Now, I new videos every Monday and Thursday. You don’t want to miss it a quick thank you to mack worldwide warranty, a leader in camera and electronic warranties around the world and family owned and operated business in New Jersey in the United States. They partnered with me to create these videos, so keep them in mind. Next time you need a warranty for your gear and next time you’re in New Jersey. Stopped by their retail store.


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