Revisiting The Past

Revisiting the Past

The title I used for this blog post has two meanings.

  1. I literally revisited my archives to find that photo for processing and sharing.
  2. The photo is from the old mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

The mills are an amazing place to visit and photograph. There’s so much history, both good and bad.

Good because so many American products were born out of the buildings.

Bad because there was so much child labor.  In fact, Lewis Hine photographed much of that child labor.

This photo is an HDR comprised of 2 exposures in order to achieve the outside window light to be nicely exposed as well as the interior exposure.

The interior is also processed with a cool blue tone whereas the outside remains warm.

Photo tip: If you mix warm and cool tones in a photograph, it can be really aesthetically pleasing.

There are also 2 points to this blog post.

  1. Always go into your archive as you never know what gems you might have missed, and you’re always learning new processing techniques.
  2. Photograph historic venues because they will not always be around.

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  1. Being born and raised in Lawrence, I know those mills all too well. A lot of those old mills are now being turned into lofts and office space.

    1. They sure are converting a lot of the mills into modern usable spaces. Fortunately they’re leaving some of the original floors in tact. At least for now.

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