#AskScottWyden Replicating Snapseed’s Drama in Lightroom
#AskScottWyden Replicating Snapseed's Drama in Lightroom

Today’s question caught me way off guard, but I was glad it did. You see, I love Snapseed. I loved it before Google purchased it, and I still love it to this day.  It is definitely one of the best mobile photo editing apps out there for iOS and Android.

Rudy asked, “Snapseed has a “drama filter” that I love and use for most of my phone pictures. İ have not been able to duplicate this effect in either LR or PS with any great success. Can you figure out a preset or action with comparable results?”

Well, Rudy inspired me to see if I could replicate the 6 Drama filters.

I did it in Lightroom and have made the presets available, free, in my store.

However, please note that they’re as close to Snapseed as possible, or at least as close as I could make them within Lightroom. But remember you can adjust beyond where the presets get you.

Here is a sneak preview of the new preset pack in action.

Visit my preset store to grab your copy of the presets. 

Want LUTs or Adobe Camera RAW presets of the Snapseed Drama Replicas? Pick up my entire preset collection.

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  1. OMG! Thank youuuuu!

  2. Any way I could replicate the effect in photoshop?

  3. Any chance of the presets of effects in “Grain” section?

    1. I don’t think I will, but Lightroom does a great job with grain, as does ON1 Photo RAW and Luminar.

  4. Can you do the same with the Glakour Glow? I love putting that one the final Lightroom edited image before I post on Instagram. Would like to know how to achieve those soft luminous effects myself.

    1. I could, but I’m only offering the drama replicas.

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