I do not always provide a physical product to clients after a sessions.

Many times, I simply upload a ZIP file to a secured location for client-side download.

However, when supplying a physical product of the photographs is necessary, I used to create a DVD.  In fact, sometimes I still do it.  For the most part, I am doing something more valuable for clients.


You see, a company called Pexagon offers flash drives of all shapes, sizes and colors.  What’s so special about the company and its products, is that you can have your logo printed at no additional cost.

By supplying a custom USB flash drive to your clients, you’re doing a few things.

  1. Branding your product
  2. Providing something tangible
  3. Supplying your photographs
  4. Telling your clients care
  5. Adding value to your business

Branded USB drives start around $4 and although there is no minimum order, bulk pricing is also available.

If you run a photography business, or any business for that matter, and need to supply digital products to clients, check out Pexagon.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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