Promaster Digital HGX UV Filter Review

You know how sometimes when you grab your camera a finger touches the filter. It takes a lot of cleaning fluid to get rid of a greasy fingerprint. Or when you leave a rarely used lens in its case for a while dust accumulates on the filter. With this new filter problems like that are a thing in the past.

I had a chance to test out the HGX UV filter on my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens during the Feltville Photowalk a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I did manage to get a fingerprint on the filter. Using a cleaning cloth and some breathe I was able to remove the fingerprint in one swipe.

I tested another filter my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens which I rarely use to see how dust accumulates. Not only was there very little dust, but a quick squeeze of canned air and all of the dust was gone.

I highly recommend these filters because the price is right and they do infact keep clean. I may be assuming too much here but if you look at the Promaster HGX versus the Hoya HD Filters they are very similar. Both have the same packaging and both have the same technology. It is very possible Promaster uses Hoya as their filter manufacturer.

“TREPELLAMAX™ Element Resistant Coating – This EXCLUSIVE PROMASTER coating repels moisture, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and grime to ensure the sharpest images possible”

“Specialized coatings that are not just water-proof to repel water spots but also hardened to be scratch and stain resistant. Of course these coatings are from HOYA so they are greatly reduce reflections off the surface of the glass allowing you to capture more light in your photos.”

Brands of filters I use:

  • Hoya – Special Effect
  • Promaster UV & PL
  • B&W – ND

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  1. FYI. There is nothing wrong with the Promaster HGX filters, but Hoya does not make any of the Promaster filters.

    1. Hoya might not make them anymore, but at the time the article was written they definitely made the Promaster filters.

      1. So at this time, would you recommend a Promaster or Hoya Protective filter?

        1. I do not know if Promaster still white labels Hoya filters. My guess is not. So I’d go with Hoya between the two.

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