9 Post Processing Mistakes You Can Stop Making

9 Post Processing Mistakes You Can Stop MakingWe have all been there. A feature is available whatever post processing software and it’s so fun to play with that you might find yourself overdoing it.

In the video below I talk about some of the common post processing mistakes I see photographers making. Some of which I’ve done in the past, and learned from.

So If you are watching this, I hope you learn from it as well.

To recap, here are those mistakes.

  1. Uber vignettes – adding too much vignette on any photo without fine tune control
  2. Over saturation – putting the slider way too high
  3. Blown out highlights – not recovering highlights when it should be done
  4. No details in any shadows – not recovering shadows when it should be done
  5. Clarity overload! – putting the slider way too high or using it on the entire photo
  6. Woahhhhh sharpening – sharpening the entire photo instead of specific areas
  7. Noisy Noise Noise – adding too much noise or not using the noise reduction correctly
  8. Dehaze it all – dehazing an entire photo when it’s not necessary
  9. Selective color – removing the saturation for all colors except one

If you are making any of these mistakes I hope you will look for help on getting past those mistakes, so you can make better post processing choices, and make better photographs.

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