Polaroid Flexible LED Lighting Panel Review

I was sent the Polaroid Flexible LED Light to review for a website. Because of the feedback, I had to offer, and the low review rating I gave, the website decided not to run the review. However, I made a video of it, so here it is. If you want an inexpensive LED light then this might be the one for you. But know that it has some flaws which you will learn about in this video.


  • 12×12”
    CRI more than 90
    256 LEDs
    Max 4500LM


  • Poor build quality. Fabric ripped right out of the box. As I was putting the diffusion screen on, it literally ripped.
  • No way to know brightness level
  • No way to know Kelvin
  • If you handhold using the handle, you still have to be tethered to a wall. No battery.
  • Can’t be mounted to a light stand, although it can sit on a light stand. If you angle the stand or put on a boom, there is a risk of it falling off.


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