Photoshop’s New AI to Select Subjects (Pros & Cons)

Adobe released an update to Photoshop CC which includes a new AI for selecting subjects in images. It works well, but there are some flaws in the algorithm. For example, if your subject blends in with the background too much, it won’t be a perfect selection. Or if there are multiple people, it won’t be perfect. But that’s ok because it still does a pretty good job with it. Have a look!


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  1. Hi Scott,
    you’re right, the new AI selection tool is doing a pretty good job and much better than the focus area selection tool, because this is leaving too many not so focused parts of the desired selection and the sliders are hard to manage so that you have rather a guess of the possible outcome. However, I also don’t like the new tool very much as it’s leaving many parts of the image and one has to do this afterwards manually with the lasso tool which is a tedious. I’m doing a lot of work in PS and I’m pretty much faster and more precise with the pen which is also my favourite selection tool. I’d probably name it an AI tool when it would be somehow connected to the quick selection tool in a way that you can tell PS what parts of the image you’d like to have selected by roughly “painting” in or pointing at the desired area. This AI built into many apps like Adobe Scan for iOS is much too hard to handle because it rarely gets the right selection and is jumping awkwardly between possible selection which you have no control over by saying the app: stop here and take this for my scan. In my opinion Adobe has to make this AI a little more intelligent and what is more intelligent than to engage a little conversation with the user?

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