Looking forward to PhotoPlus Expo

As PhotoPlus Expo approaches I wanted to share some of what I look forward to each year. In this video, you will hear about what you can learn and do at PhotoPlus Expo. It’s more than just a photography tradeshow.

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Photo plus expo is coming up and I want to talk to you about things that you should be looking forward to at photo plus expo. Hey, this has got one kid. What’s a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things you’re talking about like you and I are thinking about in this video I want to talk about what’s going on at photo plus expo this year and a what you should expect, what you should look forward to and things that you should maybe try to do while you’re there so people go to photo plus expo for multiple reasons. One might be to network with other photographers. One might be to connect with vendors, the businesses, the companies that sell you products and services for your photography. Another might be that you are a vendor and you want to network with another vendor or press.

Another might be that you want to get your hands on equipment or another might be that you want to sit in on some of the classes and workshops that are going on. Maybe you want to go on a photo walk. To me. Photo plus expo is a little bit of all of that. I like meeting with people. I like going out and making some photos around the city. I like grabbing a meal with photographers that I meet. I like getting my hands on equipment like lenses that I’ve been thinking about getting for my photography. I like to get my hands on equipment like the spider holster, which I have but does accessories for the spider holster. I’m probably gonna pick up a second spider pro clamp at the show or maybe have a photography business and you need custom branded USB drives. I know I will be walking around the trade show floor a lot and I will be doing that and getting my hands on as much stuff as I can because the only way to really see if you should get a product is to get your hands on it and spend some time with it.

Yes, you can go to a camera store and you should go to local camera stores, but sometimes going to a trade show where you get every possible thing that is available for you in the industry. In one spot is quite convenient. I’ll potentially also be sitting in on a keynote or two or a class or two. I’m not really sure. A few years ago I sat in on a keynote from Ben folds and it was absolutely amazing. I’m really looking forward to this photo plus expo. I hope that I will see you there. If you see me, just come say hi cause it’d be fun and if you have your camera, let’s go out and make some photographs because that’s also fun. It’s a social event anyway, so let’s get social. Click that subscribe button below. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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