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Update: As of December 1, 2013 I have shut down Phototickr

I have been reading and subscribing to photography news websites for many years. Being that I subscribe through RSS and email to so much photography news on a regular basis, I tend to see things being published that shouldn’t.

For example, photography news websites should not be sharing useless celebrity gossip type news even if somehow related to the photography industry.

So after much frustration I decided to take some inspiration from the WordPress community and create a micro-news website all about photography news.

Let me introduce you to Phototickr.

As you can see, Phototickr is a photography news website that can be read easily on any device including your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. But I didn’t stop there. I wanted to make the photo news accessible to everyone no matter what device they’re on or when they’re online reading.


So in addition to browsing on a mobile device like an iPhone or Android phone, readers can subscribe via RSS, or opt to receive daily or weekly emails with relevant photography news. Of course, there is also a Twitter and Facebook account. I decided not to create a Google Plus account due to inability to really automate that social sharing of the news. So instead I am personally sharing my own feedback of the news on my personal Google Plus account.

You can see that the news shared on Phototickr is short, to the point and links directly to the source. The website will not share rumors or link to other news websites that share news that isn’t verified or irrelevant.

Each news blurb contains a graphic teaser, a paragraph or two about the news and a big and bold “view source” button for users to leave and view the source.

I only want to read photography news that is important and that’s at @Phototickr
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Photography News You Care About

You might be wondering why I would want people to leave the website and go elsewhere? Simply put, Phototickr is not out there to create our own product reviews, teasers or rumors. Phototickr’s goal is to provide the best possible and most relevant news for photographers.

The website will be using affiliate links when possible, and a Google Adsense banner in the sidebar. The combination is all that will go into funding the website. Depending on the popularity of the website down the line, the Google Adsense banner might be replaced with one paid advertisement, but no more.

There are two final things I want to point out before I close up this announcement.

The first item is user registration. Upon submitting your first news blurb, you have the ability to register for an account. Doing so enables you to include your bio, website, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus profiles. Be adding Google Plus, you have the choice of using Google Plus Authorship. So I encourage everyone submitting news to create an account and keep submitting in the future.

The second item I want to mention is the Other News page. This is an aggregated list and feed of other photography news websites around, many of which are rumor websites. I wanted to make it possible for readers to see what else is out there in the photo news world, so if they are interested in rumor type news they can see what’s new.

That’s about it. I appreciate you taking the time to read through this announcement and I hope you head over to Phototickr, read the latest photography news and start sharing news of your own.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Cool website, Scott. I just subscribed to phototickr. Thanks for sharing!

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