Free Photography Guides Notebook For Evernote of the not-so-secret tricks I have up my sleeve is constantly compiling and creating charts to have with me at all times.

These charts are not on paper, though.

These charts are in an Evernote notebook I call Photography Guides.

Evernote is amazing software that allows me to stay organized for work, and for personal things.  The mobile app allows me to take individual notes and notebooks offline so I don’t need to wait for data to download or syncing to finish.

One of my uses includes my nodal slide chart for each of my lenses. That comes in handy for panoramic photography.

But today I am happy to share that I have created and compiled 12 guides for a new notebook, available free, for you.

Photography Guides Included


  • Sunny 16 Rule
  • Night Lighting Conditions
  • f/stops in full, 1/2 and 1/3 stops
  • Aspect Ratios
  • Inverse-Square Law / Light Falloff
  • Kelvin Scale
  • General Camera Settings
  • Camera Modes
  • Shutter Speeds & Apertures
  • ISO
  • Neutral Density Filter Chart
  • Neutral Density Shutter Speeds
  • Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Lightroom 5 Keyboard Shortcuts
  • on1 Perfect Photo Suite 9 Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Long Exposure Photography Checklist
  • Star Trails
  • Photographer’s Rights
  • Social Sharing Timeline
  • Exposure Guide
  • Headshot Words for Reactions
  • Hyperfocal Distance

Visit the photography guides page to grab your copy today!

As I create more guides, people who download the guides and stay subscribed will get the updated notebook – also free!

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