Photography Business Revamp aka PhotogBizRevamp

bizrevampIf you’ve been following my blog for some time now then you’ve likely heard me mention Rachel Brenke on numerous occasions. In fact, she even guest blogged about model releases for street photography.

Rachel is a lawyer (aka The LawTog) and photographer, and there is no one better to talk about the togethers together than her.

That is why I am extremely excited to share a new online course Rachel has put together called PhotogBizRevamp, or Photography Business Revamp.

Rachel offered the course for two years but shut it down for a year improve it with a lot more depth.  Here are a few key points about the course:

  • It’s incredibly awesome
  • No one else has a huge legal section in their business courses
  • Students receive lifetime access to the course and content
  • There are tons of videos, handouts, transcripts and more.
  • There are walkthroughs of boring stuff most people don’t like but as photographers and business owners, we have to.
  • Did I mention there is a conversation with me in one of the sections?

There are many business courses out there for photographers, including Marketog which is also amazing.  But Rachel’s course stands out above the crowd.  Why? Well, she breaks the legal aspects down so well that anyone can understand it.  She talks about the struggles of the business and provides strategies, tools and ideas to get through the barriers.

Photography Business Revamp


If this hasn’t caught your interest yet, maybe more details will.  In PhotogBizRevamp you will also learn…

  • How to set up a legal photo business so you can stay legal and protect your assets.
  • A simple system to manage and file yours taxes the right way.
  • The minimum insurance coverage your photo business needs to have peace of mind.
  • How to get a solid contract with no holes that covers you.
  • Website and social media quick-fixes that get you the inquires and new clients you’re losing out on right now.
  • A streamlined workflow that minimizes stress and maximizes your money-making potential.
  • How to generate more cash (even if you aren’t into in-person sales).
  • How to create your custom business plan to finally reach your goals.

As mentioned you will also receive:

  • Videos and accompanying transcripts so the you can quickly go through, understand and absorb the material.
  • Printable handouts, checklists, and worksheets so you can take action on what you learned.
  • Mobile ready videos so you can work on-the-go
  • Downloadable full video transcripts, audio files, and the above mentioned printable items.
  • Three question and answer podcasts right to your inbox.
  • Lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace.

Curious how the course works?

Basically, the content modules are dripped for one week for every module. Once you reach the end of the modules you have lifetime access to everything. You receive Module 1 upon registration.

Although there are only 8 modules mentioned in the marketing materials for the course, there is actually a bonus module, but you didn’t hear that from me.  Rachel is also adding more content and fresh materials for students.  How cool is that?  PhotogBizRevamp is affordable and can have a huge ROI, but as enrollment fills up, the price will steadily increase.  Rachel also offers a 45 day refund policy, but be sure to read the policy if you are curious about it.

So now that I’ve gone through all of the details about the course, I strongly encourage all photographers looking to grow their business to check out PhotogBizRevamp. Enrollment is open April 10-14th, 2014.

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