Photographers Take Over Times Square

It started with sunrise in Brooklyn and continued around New York City. This was an absolute epic day of shooting. During dinner we decided to finish off the long day of shooting by heading to Times Square to get a fun group shot in. Of course, +Jacob Lucas won the chance to use his camera for the shot (or did he draw the short straw?)

We set up shop in the busiest part of Times Square (near to Elmo, Spiderman and some other ‘interesting’ characters). We wound up shooting a bunch of long exposed shots so we could get the framing, lighting and blurred surroundings just right. Also because a couple of us just wouldn’t stay still. Hey, we’re a fun group of dudes.

+Jacob Lucas had the chance to process the group shots and decided to bring some of the shots into onOne Software’s Perfect Layers in order to get the lighting and background just right. I believe he rocked the processing. This is a group shot that we all need to frame and put near our workstations at home.

Truly epic!

From left to right: +Richard Williams +Jacob Lucas +Brian Furbush +Heath O’Fee +Jesse Pafundi +Chris DeAngelis Me +Brian Matiash +Mike Olbinski

Head over to Jacob’s site to see other versions and to read more.

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  1. Now that's a fun shot.

    1. Cool

  2. Still so bummed I missed it :( – BUT AMAZING SHOT!!

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