Photographers And Real Time Google Analytics

Your website is set up and you’re blogging regularly to attract customers, right?

Did you set Google Analytics up for your website?

Have you been tracking website visitors and actions?

Did you know about the Real Time feature?

Accessing Real Time

  1. Visit your Google Analytics account
  2. Click on the Home tab
  3. Click the Real Time Beta panel
  4. Choose your Real Time view


Why is this important?

Have you ever published an article that you really hoped would be read by many people?  I know we all want our work viewed and read that much, but I’m talking more than normal.

Last week I published an article on helping Speeding up WordPress by Removing Plugins.  When I publish an article that I hope for higher traffic than normal, I all leave Google Analytics open on Real Time view.

Just seconds after publishing the article and sharing it on Twitter, the traffic started to build up.

The article was also shared on StumbleUpon and Facebook – the traffic continued to build up.

At one point the article had over 100 people reading it at once.   Goal reached.

But is that all?

Real Time Analytics will also show you locations of traffic.  In fact, if you have Google Earth installed, you can view your traffic in a fun Earthy way.

If you’re a New Jersey Photographer, like me, are you trying to reach only New Jersey customers?

My target audience is different than many photographers.  My audience is to sell photography services in New Jersey and consulting services around the world.

What about you?

How are you using the real time feature of Google Analytics?  Leave a comment below to share.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. I have never looked into the Google real time analytics, but I do use Woopra on my site. Have you done any comparison?

    1. They’re very different – I haven’t written out a complete comparison but if you have them both open at the same time, you will notice major differences. Woopra offers more information in some ways.

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