Photographer’s Life Through the Lens [Infographic]

Back in January I shared an interview that I did with Sean Taylor from just created and published a really neat Infographic which he created using answers from the website’s various photographer interviews. I thought I’d share the Infographic with you as it is fun and interesting.

This helpful guide is beneficial for all photographers, amateur and professional, and especially for those just starting out. Feel free to share this with your friends, co-workers and fellow photographers. – Sean Taylor

Photographer Statistics

  • 90% of the photographers use Lightroom where 10% use Photoshop
  • 95% of the photographers use Canon or Nikon where 5% use Mamiya or Hasselblad
  • 72% have used film but only 5% still use film

After you’ve viewed the Infographic, please visit my interview on


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Photographer’s Life Through the Lens [Infographic]

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