Photographers Complain About Camera Weight

Photographers often complain about camera weight and size. I see it more and more often these days. Especially as mirrorless cameras are getting lighter and smaller. I wanted to share a little perspective based on what professional photographers used to carry on a regular basis. The Mamiya RZ67 is just one example of such a camera, weighing at over 5lb. The reason for sharing this video is to potentially push photographers to stop complaining about camera weight, and for those who do – to just get a lighter camera already.


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  1. Hey Scott, Enjoyed the video and you are so correct regarding perspective. Like all advances, they are driven by something, be it demand, necessity, to curiosity. Weight is a curious one when it comes to photography. The abilty to travel with lighter weight has got to be a plus – think hinking with gear, including a tripod. That being said, like you mentioned, you are not sure you would trust the tripod used in making the video with the Mamiya RZ67. The heavier the tripod the greater the stability. We even go so far as to add weight. This is also true to a degree with cameras. I could shoot at a lower shutter speed with my Nikon F2AS (pick a lens), than I could with similar era point and shoot. It was the combination of holding the camera against the face, how the camera was held (braced arm supporting the camera), and the weight of the camera. My point being, there is a balance to be had. I prefer the heavier cameras (my Nikon D810), but that doesn’t mean, I don’t appreciate the size or weight of my point and shoot or my Nikon 1 AW1. Great video and enjoyed the props.

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