A Home For Your Photo Filters

A Home For Your Photo FiltersDuring my process of switching from the Lee Filter neutral density system to the Formatt Hitech Firecrest system, I decided to also switch filter bags.

I know what you might be thinking… “Does it really matter?”

To me, it does, and here is why.

I want easy access to my filters, without fussing around. Without having to remove a bag, or remove the filter bag.

I want to easily access the filters even if I have gloves on.

I want to not have to zip up the bag every time I am switching filters.

You see, I used to use a LowePro filter pouch and it was good. But it wasn’t great. It wasn’t the Filter Hive.

Here’s the description of the Filter Hive from Mindshift Gear.

The Filter Hive organizes filters and accessories into a unified kit. It fits within your different camera bags, can be worn on a belt, or on the modular rail of MindShift Gear backpacks, or hung on a tripod. Its padded exterior case and accordion-style removable insert holds up to six flat graduated neutral density filters up to 4×6” (100×150 mm) and six round filters up to 82mm diameter, including the thick 1.5 cm variable neutral density filters.

In summary, it’s compact yet holds a lot of filters. It’s padded, so your filters are safe. It can attach to a belt or click on to accessory loops.


Its lightweight materials and quality zippers mean no worrying when in light rain. Oh, and you can open and close it even with gloves!

If you’re in the market for a bag to hold any and all of your lens filters then I recommend checking out the Filter Hive from Mindshift Gear. Not only are you going to have a quality product, but you’re supporting a company who does amazing things for the world, and industry.


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