Perception Pro from Think Tank Photo – My New Favorite Camera Bag

My New Favorite Camera Bag - Perception Pro from Think Tank PhotoThere is a reason why I said this is my new favorite camera bag.

For the longest time I have been using Think Tank Photo’s ShapeShifter as my main camera bag.

Think Tank Photo has been amazing to me over the years, and I have had the pleasure of trying and reviewing and advocating for their products.

More recently I had the chance to try their Airport Commuter which is fantastic, holds tons of gear, but I had a slight issue with where the tripod is connected.

But when I was told about the Perception series I had to check them out.

Sorry for the cut off video, but it’s more about what I’m saying that what you see.  Because you can see detailed photos of the bag on the Think Tank Photo website anyway.


My reasons for loving this bag so much can be summed up with this list:

  • It’s super light, and about 3 pounds lighter than my other camera bags when empty. That means with equipment it’s still 3 pounds lighter.
  • It doesn’t open 100% so I can keep it on my shoulder and open it in front of me without feeling my equipment will fall out.
  • It’s compact and has limited pockets so I don’t overpack.
  • At the same time, it holds a lot of gear.
  • The pouches are as easy as regular bag dividers.
  • The camera pouch holds my DSLR with a prime lens and L Bracket attached.
  • The trip is held in place perfectly and centered on the back.

Like always the Think Think bag comes with a rain cover, just in case I get caught in something harsh.  Which happens.

So if you have a compact system, use prime lenses or a mirrorless setup then definitely check out the Perception bags.  But if you only use long lenses like a 24-70 f/2.8 or larger then this likely not the bag for you.  But you could probably still make it work.

You can also pick up a Think Tank Photo bag from Amazon

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