Real World Review: Op/tech Pro Strap Review

Before the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk I decided to walk with the Op/tech pro strap. I typically use the Think Tank Photo camera strap because it attaches to my backpack if I decide to reduce neck fatigue. The Op/tech is soft neoprene with elastic to aid in the comfort. Below are a few pros and cons I find with the strap.


  • So soft and comfortable over the shoulder
  • The plastic disconnects make for easy removal and storage
  • The strap length is quite long for those taller people or photographers who just prefer long camera straps
  • Made in the USA!


  • The thickness of the strap makes for slightly less comfort around the neck
  • The non-slip grip doesn’t do much… at all.


Why do I say that the non-slip grip doesn’t do much at all?  Simply because it doesn’t.  I had the camera over my shoulder from 9am until about 5pm and consistently I had to hold on the camera because it would slip off of my t-shirt and backpack strap.  Since the photowalk I tried the strap over my shoulder while wearing a jacket to see if it was just the fabrics, but alas it still slipped.

Comfort 8/10
Slip 0/10
Length 10/10

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