The one thing you should always have with you when traveling for photography.
Each year a group of photographers gather somewhere in the world with one goal. To photograph new places and enjoy great times with friends. A new tradition is to create patches with iconic scenes from the places we're photographing. The patch for the 2015 trip was of the Whitman County Growers grain elevator. This is the scene we used for the patch.

When I travel I always have one thing with me. And it’s not always a tripod. It’s not always a filter. It’s a battery backup for my iPhone.

Yes, sometimes I will bring my tripod and filters and whatnot. And I usually have extra batteries and memory cards. Those are the more obvious things.

But something not as obvious is a backup battery for my iPhone.

Why? Because my iPhone is used for so much, besides calling. It’s used for GPS tracking, navigation to a location, quick sharing to social media, and many times as a trigger for long exposures.

Here are the products mentioned in the video.

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