Nikon Mirrorless – Nikon Z6 First Look & Impressions

Nikon Mirrorless is finally here. In fact, Nikon full frame mirrorless is finally here. In this video, I show you my first recording and impressions with the Nikon Z6. I decided to go with the Z6 over the Nikon Z7 because the Z6 offers better video quality and that’s what I needed. I am really looking forward to putting this to good use!

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How does this look and how does it sound? So right now we’re focused on me. I am just doing this blogging style and just testing out the Nikon zed six, also known as the Nikon d six, depending on where you are. Technically it’s Nikon Z 6. So you know, there’s that. I didn’t know just the, the preamp in this camera because I’m just making sure that the focus is working. That is the most important part from you right now is making sure that the focus is staying focused on me. Uh, it should also be I’m in aperture priority so it should also be adjusting as I move between rooms that are light versus dark. Let’s see how it is with the vibration. So that should have been fairly. Still would have. I’m still walking so it should be, you know, whatever. We’ll see what happens now.

This is the Nikon d at 50. I’m about to swap this. Use the zed six as the video camera. Da Fifty will be come more of a still camera and let’s see how this goes. I can’t wait to have auto focus. That works really well in video. Meet the new of lugging rig. The Nick on things often honors the Nikon d six if you’re in the United States. In fact, that is what I’m recording the audio on right now and technically the video too. So what I’ve done with the Nic Hahn, zed six is I have the 24 to 70 f four lens on this body. That is the kit, so to speak. It is on my manfrotto little tabletop tripod. I don’t know if I’ll be using this forever, but it does the job. This is for vlogging style by the way, and then I have the spider a light plate on here right now.

I’m not going to be using the spider light plate all the time. I will eventually have the really right stuff l bracket on here and then I’ll use the spider clamp to add my pin for when I need to use it with the spider holster, but until that comes in, I am using the spider light plate on here because it also has an Arca Swiss mounts on it, which means that I can use the pin and methadone. My tripod’s without a bubble. Right here is a spider light scrap. This is the same style strap that I use on my Nikon d 50, except it’s the light version for mirrorless cameras. It doesn’t have the safety strap. It’s a lot lighter, a lot thinner and things like that, but it is equally as comfortable. And then of course I have the rode video mic pro plus Mike on here, which is when I was using 50, but you’re hearing the audio out of here so it might sound a little different right now I have to fine tune the audio, but let’s switch to the zed six right now.

So right now I’m recording with the Hahn that the Nikon z six, whatever you want to call it, and it has basically the most basic settings. I have it on aff and is tracking my face. Face recognition is on. So if I move around everything that you see should be in focus on me and really cool because well with the Nikon d 50, it wasn’t good with video audit focus, it was great with still autofocus. So I’m really looking forward to using the new concept six and well I just learned because of the announcement at at ces in Las Vegas going on right now that they just announced I autofocus is coming via firmware upgrade. So all those complaints that people had about the lack of iota focus are going to go away because they’re getting it with firmware upgrade. Now. I have a lot to configure.

I have a lot to do because right now this is tough to aperture priority and the lighting is set up the same as deep as a dft was 50. I had it on manual mode and I had it on auto iso, so I’d have to configure the video settings like that. Um, but other than that, everything else should be the same. I set the preamp in the cameras to be the same level for that. I use a, the Nikon d 8:50, and so audio should be fairly close to what previous videos have been and I’d sit the workout the distances and whatnot because it is a 24 to 70 lens f four. And I was using on the Nikon d 8:50 for video, the 24 slash seven slash 20 at four. So as far as focal length goes, it’s the same. It’s just a matter of getting the zoom right and get my settings right and things like that.

And. But this camera is going to serve as the new video camera. Good. Autofocus in video, good stills as well. Unlike the Panasonic gh five that I was using over a year ago, someone’s at the door. How does this look now? Because I just made some adjustments. I adjusted my shutter speed, I adjust my aperture, I adjusted the white balance, and now I am manual. Accept ISO is up and down automatically so that I don’t have to worry about that. I can just worry about the shutter speed and aperture when I’m doing video. Now when I’m instills my iso will go to just ISO. They won’t be an auto ISO anymore. It’d be manual because I prefer it that way. I am really excited about this because I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about my camera being in focus anymore when I do videos, no matter how far away I am, no matter how close I am, it’s just going to be in focus and once I oaf is in is available, it’ll be even better.

Instead of just we’re trying to get the whole face. It’ll just worry about the. I don’t worry about my glasses being unfocused when my eyes are not, or my beard being unfocused when my eyes are not, we’ll guarantee my eyes are in focus. So I’m really excited about the Nikon because it is going to be a game changer for, for me. Uh, I am also excited because it is kind of the future of Nikon cameras. It’s kind of the future of where mirrorless is going to go. And I see that even with Sony paving the way because now the Nikon is there. They will innovate. Sony has been innovating. We’ll see what happens now that Nikon is there. Yeah. I still have my coffee as. I still don’t like that. It’s an xqd card. I still don’t like that. It’s only one card slot and I still am not that big of a fan with the fact that I have to get new lenses.

But then again, pretty soon I’ll be able to use CFX breast cards and they’re going to be high storage and extremely fast. And um, my concern about the single car slot, yes and no. There’s ways around it. And I will do a video about how to make sure your images are safe and to cure before you finish a job. And am I worried about the lenses? Will yes and no. Again, you know, it does stink to have to get new lenses, a new lens on this body, but at the same time you can use the ftz, adapt and use your old lenses and get stabilizer on it. VR vibration reduction will go on those new lenses or those old is using the FTC FTC adapter on the zed, six or seven camera. That’s a beautiful thing. So I don’t have to get new lenses to cover the complete range and yes, they do a little bit more bulk to the camera but not that much.

I do wish that the foot was removable, like the are on some third party lens adapters, but there’s exciting things about the new lens mount, how big it is, does open the door for a lot of possibilities, a lot of unique lens designs and even a Lux. The ability for Nikon to consider doing larger sensors in the future. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a medium format sensor inside of a camera body, like the z six or seven mirrorless possible. So for now I am signing off. I am about to go put this puppy to the test this weekend. That will be bringing it with me on a trip and we’ll see what happens. I just want to say thank you to mack worldwide warranty for partnering with me on this video end on my channel completely. Without mack worldwide warranty, I wouldn’t be able to bring you the videos I am bringing you today. If you need an electronic warranty on your camera or your computer or your phone or any electronic devices like that, check out the Mack or buy warranty. They’re diamond warranty, which covers accidental damage, like dropping it in water or something. Mack Worldwide Warranties can be found at electronic and camera stores around the world. So check them out and if you like this video, click that subscribe button below. Now I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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