Nikon Z50 for Vlogging?

The Nikon Z50 is a beautiful cropped sensor mirrorless camera that is sold body only, with 1 lens or with 2 lenses. It has a lot of the same technology as what’s inside the Z6 and Z6 bodies except no in-body VR. It also has a flip screen promoted for video recording or vlogging. I have some thoughts on that in this video.

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Nikon just released the Nikon Z 50. Now I’ve got some notes up here. Don’t, don’t mind me looking at my phone. I just have some thoughts on this. Now, as you may know, I am a Nikon guy. I use the neck on D at 50 for most of my stills right now. I use a Nikon Z six for for all my video. And in the future I will replace a Nikon D at 50 with a Z body. Eventually, probably the, the Nikon Z seven Mark two or Z nine or something like that. Whatever is the second generation of the Z seven is what I will probably replace a D 50 with because once I went mirrorless with a Z six, I am in love with mirrorless and I’d rather have that for the still photography I’m doing to. Jennifer Rosenbaum is a Nikon ambassador. She is a Nikon photographer and she’s, she’s amazing.

She’s a boudoir photographer and educator and she’s got amazing stories to share. And she posted on Facebook that she woke up to this awesome news about the Nikon Z 50. And it looks incredible, perfect for travel. And blogging and she’s been dabbling with the idea of doing more blogging. What do you think? Would you be interested in watching post questions and comments below, blah, blah, blah. Now the Z 50 let me read you some of the specs about the Nikon Z 50 the Nikon Z 50 is a DX, meaning a cropped sensor. It’s not micro four thirds. It’s a normal crop sensor and a to Z amount, so it’s the same as the amount as the full frame. The the neck on Z six and seven is the theme Mount, except the lenses are smaller because the sensor is smaller so you can get more compact, but he’s a 21 megapixel camera, so the center’s 21 megapixel APS see sensor.

It does not have in-body stabilization does not have InBody VR like the Nikon, the six as [inaudible] seven half. Instead of doing the XQD card or the CFI express card like what the a Z six and seven have, it actually uses the standard S D card, which would’ve been a better idea for the [inaudible] 67 as well. Now, what Nikon did is they made this camera really for video and stills for for basically new consumers that want to get into the Nikon space for that, that don’t want to spend the money that they would on a full frame body. They can now do good, amazing quality and get the same sort of the face detection, all that stuff that they would get in the pro bodies. They would get in this consumer level body. Now it does have a touchscreen. It does have a pretty nice big screen, and the screen flips down, right?

So it goes under the camera. They’re saying it’s great for blogging. Now I have my thoughts. This is what I shared with Jen in a comment to her Facebook posts. Oh, and by the way, this camera’s selling for $859 for the body only and nine 99 for, with a seven, 16 to 50 lens. So my comment to Jen was this, I think it was smart for an icon to make the camera, but I wouldn’t use it as a vlogging camera, vlogging video. Sure. Blogging? No. If you’re blogging, you’re going to want to Mount the tripod on something. You’re going to want to put on a tripod like I have right now. You’re going to want to put it on a switch pod. You’re gonna want to put it on like a real pod or whatever tabletop tripod you want so you can hold the tripod, not the camera, hold the tripod steady and have it at a certain distance from you in a certain height from you instead of just holding your arm out.

Because that can really become uncomfortable. It can get heavy and if you can stabilize your arm with the tripod and then the camera’s out at the right distance and height. Perfect, so I would not use it if you are going to use it as a vlogging camera because the screen flips down, which means what [inaudible] on tripod, you’re blocking the screen. It would have been smarter for Nikon and I. Hopefully they do this in futureZ , six and Z. Seven bodies have the higher end cameras. It’d be smarter for them to take. The approach that Panasonic has in Canon has where the screen flips out sideways cause then it flips out and it’s away from the, from the tripod mounts, right? It’s away from where you Mount the, the tripod and something more. Put it down on a table and block a view of the screen.

A quick thank you to MEK worldwide warrantee for partnering with me on this. On these videos I get a macro dry warranty on all of my equipment including the Nikon Z six I’m filming on right now. If you’re interested in getting a warranty for your new or used camera, check out Mack worldwide warranty or wherever you’re shopping for your camera. I don’t have a flipping screen that goes out or down it goes, it flips sort of down like this so that if I have the camera low, I can see it from a high angle, but it doesn’t actually flip so I can see the screen if I’m looking at the lens. So I actually have a, a, an external screen that’s facing me so I can see myself. So that’s my thoughts on the Z 50 not much. Just really specific to vlogging. I would not use it as a flight and camera, but if you’re getting into video and you want to stick with Nikon, they just made a perfect camera that’s below $1,000 if you get it with the kit lens, just shy of dollar shy of $1,000 it’s a win because Nikon video quality in theZ bodies is absolutely amazing.

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