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This is a story about an inquiry I put out on Twitter that wound up getting me a great conversation with a representative at Nikon. They then gifted me a product I had intended to purchase anyway. I just wanted to share my sincere thanks and appreciation for what they had done.

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What is this got an interesting story about this. This one’s for you Nikon. This is the Nikon EH5B and well, I’ve got a story about how I came to get this charger and it totally caught me off guard and I am so, so appreciative. So here’s the thing. I’ve had this, this is the EP-5B from Nikon. This is a fake battery that goes into the Nikon z six and some other camera bodies, and then there’s this female adapter right here that has to go into an AC adapter and that’s where this comes into play. You’re plugging listened into this end and then plug this into your camera and that into the wall. Nikon sells the AC adapter separate from this dongle thing, this fake battery part. Instead of just selling an AC adapter that plugs into the USBC port on the Nikon Z6 to power on the camera without a battery.

They make you go and buy two separate products that wind up costing you about 140 $150 US dollars. Mind, you know it’s interesting because Nikon actually does have an AC adapter for the Nikons, these six and c seven bodies. However, that AC adapter is to charge the battery in the camera, not to actually power the camera itself. So that means if you have a battery in the camera and he turned on onto this ac adapter, it actually is running the camera on the battery, not on AC power. That’s why you need one of these. Now here’s where it gets tricky. You see that model number right there? You see that the EH-5B, that’s the AC adapter part and there’s three versions of that. There’s the age five which I actually have and I’ve had it since my Nikon D700 and I still have it and it actually works with a Nikon D800 I don’t think it works with a Nikon D850 but I haven’t tried it.

Then there’s an icon, he h five B and this one is meant for the Nikon D850 in a bunch of others, and then there’s a eeh five c now on the Nikon website and elsewhere. It says that the Nikon z six as he seven are compatible with the h five B or the e h five c Ac adapters. As far as I know, the only difference between the three models is minor compliance for the state of California, but everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Keeping in mind that the h five c is the most recent version everywhere is out of stock because Nikon discontinued it. A lot of stores are also out of the h five B and I really need an AC adapter because for times of what I need constant power for a very long time and don’t mind being tethered to a wire, I need an AC.

So on February 13th I sent out at suite the Nikon e five c is out of stock everywhere and the e h seven p does not power the camera. It only charges the battery in camera. Anyone have a solution for constant power to a Nikon z six or the seven? To my surprise, I got a reply from Nikon. The reply I received was we have looked further into your recent query and an agent will be contacting you directly with updated information. I am a Nikon NPS member, but I have never in my career photography received a phone call from Nikon and it was delightful. The conversation was really good. I was very happy with the person I spoke with there at an icon and it just, it made me feel good as a Nikon customer for a long time, loyal Nikon customer. It made me feel really happy to, you know, have my question actually answer.

No, I’m not sure if this happens to other people. I don’t know. I don’t think it, I don’t know what the story was, but I’m glad I got a reply from Nikon and basically what happened is she actually went to look to see if the h five c was available anywhere that she could send me as a loaner until one became available. This is a couple of weeks before WPPI. So all of those Ac adapters were actually at WPI, at the venue waiting for the trade show. So they couldn’t send it to me because all of the ones that they had as loaners were actually being used. So she sent me an email and this was a long holiday weekend, I don’t remember what the holiday weekend was, but this was a long holiday weekend. And she said, if you don’t hear from me by next week, reply to the email, give me a call, whatever, and we’ll figure it out.

Well that Monday came and or that Tuesday came and whatever it was. And she replied and uh, she told me that she’s sending me an e h five B as a loner. So I inquired again just to confirm the h five B will work with the Nikon d six and c seven because the age five with that fake battery does not work. It actually makes the camera flicker. So I don’t want to put that back into the camera and potentially short something out. So she replied again. And yes, it does work. And she also said that she made a mistake. She was not sending me a loner. She was sending me one to keep. So before I continue, I just want to say thank you to Nikon for that amazing gift you just sent me $100 AC adapter. That’s what stores sell it for. I greatly appreciate it.

I was going to buy one anyway when one was eventually in stock. So you just saved me $100 and thank you. That small gift for you really makes me feel good. I appreciate it. So there you go. Uh, I am very, very happy that now I can constantly power my Nikons e six when I need it to be constantly powered. So well, it’ll be nice to have that AC power available when I’m in situations where I need that constant power and don’t want to constantly swap out batteries, especially when recording videos. So again, thank you to nick on. I am a proud Nikon professional photographer.

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