Nikon FTZ Adapter Review – Lens Adapter for Nikon F to Nikon Z Mount

The Nikon FTZ Adapter is fantastic, but I do one have one complaint about it. The reason the FTZ Adapter is so good is that it allows Nikon the Z6 and Z7 to still use Nikon F mount lenses with autofocus. The FTZ even provides the Z6 and Z7 in-camera image stabilizer (IBIS or IBVR) to F mount lenses which do not have VR in them. However, the adapter is a bit on the bulky side especially with foot mount for tripods which cannot be removed. Hopefully, in the second version of the FTZ adapter, Nikon makes the foot removable.

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So I just picked up the Nikon ftz adapter from Mack Camera, in Springfield, New Jersey. They the FTC adapter is going to let me use my Nikon F, Mount Lenses, all lenders I’ve been using for years on all of my digital slrs on the Nikon Z6 So now I’m not a really limited to using just the lens that came with the Kit, the 24 to 70 f four. I can now use my, my telephoto lenses, the 70 to 200 I can use my 20 millimeter wide angle lens and I can really use the camera more as I want. Thinks this adapter and get him it’s stabilized rather than even for the Lens that don’t have stabilizer and I could take advantage of just all the focus on the body and everything. I’m used to already plus more. So it’s kind of exciting to be able to do that with this adapter, you know, it kinda stinks up to use the adapter. And that was one of the turn offs of really using a different system in general. Whether I switched to Sony or it’s something else that was easy to amy went to the library and picked up a copy. She read it and that’s when she knew she wasn’t going to become a lawyer after all.

So this the FTZ adapter, this bad boy is what allows me to be able to use a lens like this. The Nikon 20 millimeter, one point eight g lens. This is a neph Matlin for Nikon digital slr. That’s what allows me to use this lens on an icon. The six like so. Now I know this is not the most attractive thing because now it took my 20 millimeter lens that is compact and made it much bigger and it’s not the biggest adapter that’s out there, but the thing that Kinda bugs me the most, besides from how deep it really is, they get why it’s deep, but is is that the foot right here can’t be removed. That’s the one thing that really, really, really bothers me about the FTZ adapter, is that the foot cannot be removed. Now, if you were to take a Nikon Lens and put it on a Sony Body, you would actually have a meta bones adapter, which the foot can come off.

Why Nikon didn’t make the foot or moveable is beyond me, but hey, gotTa, do what you got to do. With that said, I’m gonna. Put this on the Nikon d six right now and we’re going to see how well it focused. You’re going to see very wide. You’re going to see basically everything here. This is not a zoom lens. I’m going to leave the camera in place and just let you see how well it does with the 20 millimeter with autofocus. Okay, now remind. Remember that the net Kinsey sicks with a z mount lenses, the autofocus is perfect. It’s silent, it’s smooth, it’s fast. Autofocus will work with an mount lend. Will it be as fast to change focus and as quiet as z Mount Lens? Probably not, but let’s see what happens.

Okay, so now you definitely can see that it. It took a little bit to focus. It’s not super fast. You can see the microphone here. You can see my light there, you can see everything behind me and uh, it’s just to show you that, you know, I’m using an f that lens on the Nikon d six and that’s pretty freaking cool. You can see right here, this is the eyeliner or I’m in the process of reviewing this right now. Uh, I need to get a subject in here too. Um, so that I could be behind the camera and photograph that. It’s all in the works, but you can see it focusing. Now I’m hearing the Lens Focus. I am moving around a distinct focused on me and that is the most important thing. It is focusing on me. If I am to stand up, move around, it’s staying focused on me.

It is, it is supposed to get close. It staying focused on me. It, it does take a little bit to get there, but it is focusing on me and I’m hearing a move and move and move it to me. That is working so well. I’m really close to the Mack right now. That’s why, you know, it’s funny because I have the monitor right here as well. It more unlike this far, but yeah. Anyway, so anyway, it’s. It’s working. Let’s. Yeah. How close can I get? How the cow coca. Wow. Okay. So you could see the focus is slower, but it’s focusing and that is what’s most important. The FTZ adapter is working, which means I could use it with any of my lenses and I can’t wait to put it through its paces to see how good it does. Let’s, let’s go back to the Lens. Okay, so 20 minimum 20 millimeter lens.

All I had to do is put it on this at it. Just to. Brilliant thing is a brilliant, brilliant thing. It’s just an adapter, but it has the electronics and the motor to move the autofocus on an F mount lens when it’s mounted on a z body. Some. Again, my only complaint, I don’t mind the thickness I get while a thickness is there for the flange distances and all that stuff, but my only complaint with this adapter is the fact that the foot cannot be removed, but Nikon, if you are listening and you want to create another one, ftz two or something like that and you want to test it without a foot and you want to send one my way to test without the foot on here, I would love to test it for you. I have to take a moment and say thank you to mack worldwide warranty, a partner of mine.

For this video specifically, I get a Mack or the warranty on all of my equipment, including the lens adapter. If you need that extra assurance that your equipment will be covered. If you drop it in on the ground, if you drop it in water, if there’s fire damage or anything like that, then please consider it mack worldwide warranty available at camera stores and electronic stores around the world, and if you like this video, click that subscribe button below. Now I published new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it and stay tuned to a video on my entire Nikon d six setup and all the accessories I have forward and things like that. I’d love to know what kind of questions you have about the Nikon and I’d hope that I can answer it in that video.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your article. I share your enthusiasm about the FTZ. Nevertheless I experienced something unpleasant lately: I have used a nikkor 70-200 2.8 VRII for several years with a D750. In December 2020 I mounted it on my new Z50 via the FTZ and the AF became inoperative after about 50 clicks. I sent it to repair and the silent wave motor is defect has to be replaced (500€). Is it pure bad luck or did you hear similar testimonies that would support the fact that mounting F lenses on FTZ has a detrimental effect on their SWM? I observe sometimes that the Z50 has trouble to focus with F lenses, and now I hesitate to mount my other F lenses on the Z50.

    Thank you for your answer.

    Best regards,


    1. You’re the first I’ve heard of something like this, so my guess just a case of bad luck. Typically people have had great experiences with the FTZ.

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