#AskScottWyden – Networking With Other Photographers

Welcome to the first of what I hope to be many #AskScottWyden articles. These are going to be shorter text articles that have straight to the point answers.

Depending on the question I will also include a video answer.

With that said, here’s the first question.

Rick asked…

“What methods do you use to network with other local photographers, either to partner up with as a second shooter for an event, form photo walks, or just to share ideas?”

Some of the sources I use for networking:

  • Local Facebook groups
  • Local Google Plus communities
  • 500px groups
  • Flickr groups

To ask your photography and WordPress questions, send me a message on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Ello, Google Plus, Instagram or YouTube) and use the hashtag #AskScottWyden. Or send me an email from my contact page.

I only have two requests when it comes to your questions.

  1. Don’t be vague. “Which camera should I buy”
  2. Don’t ask me a question you can easily Google the answer for. “What are the difference between the 24-120 and the 28-300 lenses?

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