Natural Smile For Photos – How to Get Anyone to Smile Naturally

A natural smile for photos is possible. In fact, in this video, I will share how to get anyone to smile naturally, anytime, in any photo, no matter what. This tip will work for one person, where you have a conversation with your subject. But it works best when you have multiple people in the photograph and in order to get a bunch of natural smiles. Learn how to get a perfectly natural smile for photos, every time.

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In this video, I just want to share with you something that a friend of mine recently shared. Here we go. So a few weeks ago, Lumina AI was released in with this release. With this launch was a bunch of live video content. And my friend Nicole S. Young was one of the educators that was teaching Luminari during this launch. And Nicole shared a really great video of eight or a restaurant scene where there’s two women sitting at a table, and while she was posing them, she had them talk in a conversation with only two words. Now, this tip, which you’re about to hear, which Nicole also shared is not unique. It is something that a lot of photographers have been doing for many years. It’s something that I have done as well.

However, I’ve never seen anybody talk about this before. So Nicole was really the first that I have ever seen talk about this. So I figured I would share this advice and link down in the description below to Nicole’s video. So you can also watch it and know this video is not sponsored by Nikon or Lumina. It is not sponsored by the Mandalorian or the data Lorian, but be sure to click subscribe, because I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible, you don’t want to miss it. So here’s the tip. You have two people or three people or four people sitting on a table, and you want them to have natural facial expressions the entire time that they are posing for your photograph. The way that you can do this is by having them say two words, Hey, yes. Hey, yes, this is producing a natural smile.

It’s producing natural facial expressions. If you want to expand upon this, of course you can, you can bring in yeah. Into it. Anything that sort of ends with with the year that makes that smile is going to be good for photographs. Hey, yes. Hey. So as you can see, you can also take that and make it more of a dramatic type feel just by changing the way that you speak. But only saying those two words will give you a different vibe for the photographs, by the way, this is also something that’s really useful for anybody who does film and has some people in the background that you need to just have their as filler. It does a good job there as well. I’d love to see you go out and use this tip and actually do this in your own photographs. If you’re photographing a couple of doing engagement session and you sitting down at a table at a pub or at a bistro or something like that, have them say, Hey or yes. See what happens. Click that like button. Let me know that you enjoy this video and be sure to scroll down to the description and check out Nicole’s video on this tip. See you later.

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