My First Look At Gordy’s Camera Strap

Gordy Coale is known for his leather camera straps.  He makes strong straps for in a variety of styles.

Wrist straps which are either lug mounted, tripod mounted, strip mounted and with or without wrist pads.  He also has neck strap and tripod straps.

I was originally looking at the Artisan & Artist silk strap because of its soft, but strong, material.  However, being that I already had a neck strap, I decided to go for Gordy’s leather wrist strap.

Why?  Gordy makes each one of them by hand here in the USA.  The reviews of his products are fantastic and the simplicity matches the camera I’m using it on – the Leica M9.

So here are a few iPhoneography shots of the Gordy Camera Strap I picked up.   It’s an all black leather strap with wrist pad.

So far the strap feels very strong.  In fact, strong enough to hang off of.  Hopefully the lug mount is strong enough to be mounted in the 1 point only.  That always makes me nervous.

If you’d like to see Gordy’s products, visit his website at

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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