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One of my favorite photos recently has been “Split” which I captured in Boston this summer.  There was a reason I shot the scene as an HDR.  Look below at the main exposure.  It’s very hazy and not very appealing.  The weather was not working for photographers that day.

Split - Main Exposure
Split – Main Exposure

So I decided to shoot the scene as an HDR in order to capture just how incredible the weather was.  Yup, although it wasn’t very photographer friendly, it was still incredible.  I went on to use the Promote Control and shot 13 exposures of the same scene.  Below you can see a screen shot of some of the brackets.

Split – Brackets

In the final image below you can see every bit of how amazing the city looked that afternoon. The hazy sky was so intense and with the sun beaming from behind the skyline it made for such a beautiful photograph.

Split – Boston, MA

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  1. very nice effect, the dynamic range is much better than the original.

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