How to make money as a photographer – Are photographers doomed?

I understand this might not have been published at the best time, with all going on in the world. But I recorded this back in January and have had it scheduled to publish for 3 months.

How do you make money as a photographer? I recorded this in January 2020 after two years of collecting outrageous posts and comments I come across on Facebook. Multiple times a day people are posting, asking about cheap photographers. They don’t care about quality, they don’t want to spend a lot of money. In some cases, they are even happy with smartphone photos. So how do you make money as a photographer in 2020? I hope this video opens that discussion.

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Are we doing be 2020 we’re in the year 2020 and more than ever, photographers have a problem that they need to face on a daily basis and I’m not sure how to solve it, but I’m hoping that this video expands on the dialogue that I see happening in photography business groups and hopefully the industry as a whole could come up with a solution because I’m seeing people go in many directions are professional photographers. Hey, this has got one gig with a storyteller, with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about, and in this video I’m asking the question, are professional photographers doomed in the year 2020 for the past two years I have been collecting screenshots of people in local groups. Unfortunately, they’re mostly moms. That’s what happens more often than not when you’re a family photographer paying attention to posts about family photography or newborn photography or anything like that.

More than likely than not, it’s the mother looking for the photographer. So I’ve been saving dozens upon dozens of screenshots from local moms who are looking for the cheapest possible photographer. In this video, I’m hoping to just expand on the dialogue I’m seeing in the photography industry about this problem. Hopefully in the comments and in future videos, something we can figure out a solution to this problem. The problem is either that people don’t understand the value of professional photography or they just don’t give a flying about professional photography and they just want cheap professional photography. Even if what they’re going to get for that cheap price is absolutely horrible. But on the other hand, there are photographers who are actually filling these jobs that are taking on these jobs and offering photography services super cheap. In order to do that and to make a living as a photographer, they have to do 10 or so photos sessions a day to make a living from what they can do with one or two a day if they just charged what they’re worth.

So let me go to load the screenshots. I’m going to pull up my phone and I’m going to just read to you some of these posts and comments that I’ve seen in local Facebook groups to me that I know that you’re seeing locally as well, and hopefully, hopefully you’ve got some ideas of how we as a whole photographers can handle this problem. And by the way, I do blame phones and just camera’s getting better and cheaper in our pockets. I blamed that as the reason for this problem. In fact, you’ll see some of the comments actually proved my point. Looking for a reliable, reasonably priced photographer that’s creative and easy to work with, reasonably priced. Looking for an affordable photographer for a mini shoot for Christmas cards. Affordable. What’s affordable? Hello? Looking for an affordable newborn photographer in the Manasquan area, hoping for under $300 any recommendations?

Thank you. Affordable in search of a reasonable priced local photographer. Well, what kind of photographer and what’s the reasonably priced looking for someone help film a birthday party next Saturday, November 9th for one and a half hours. Thanks. Husband has been quoted 500 and that’s way too high film. That’s videography by the way. Best affordable photographer. Question Mark. Hi, looking to refer a photography client for a communion photo is on May 9th, 2020 they’re looking for event coverage. I think their budget is below $400 let me know and I can send over your info. She’s not on Facebook, so this was another photographer posting for a lead that obviously she doesn’t want to take for the $400 so she’s trying to pass it along. I get it. I get those all the time. This next one is a comment to somebody else. I mean who needs professional picks when you have your sister and an iPhone?

I have been slacking and choosing a newborn photographer for November. Can you remember someone affordable whose pictures you still were satisfied with? So many have stunning photos. Butter out of my price range. That one I actually have an answer to, but let’s keep going. Can anyone suggest a good photographer for some family photos, but mostly for photos of my 10 month old would want to do them outside, possibly the beach and it would be great if he or she wasn’t too expensive. Thank you. For the last one I want to share with you looking for a family Christmas shoot, not spending hundreds of dollars for five photos. Who’s great in reasonable, so that one and the other one about affordable pictures that you’re still satisfied with those two comments. Now, if I was the photographer that had that lead and the person said, you’re too expensive or can you do anything?

I would negotiate. I would figure out a way to still sell the session. I’ve done it. I’ve had family sessions where I would charge a session fee and normally it comes with an eight by 10 or whatever it is, and they only needed digital because they’re making Christmas cards and I don’t want to make Christmas cards for clients. What I did is an exchange of doing the eight by 10 I gave them the digital, I did exactly what they needed, but I still got the the session because the price was good and it gave them what they wanted and it had the option for them to buy print if they wanted to buy prints. So now I want to hear from you. You just heard some and saw some real comments that people have been posting in your local Facebook groups to meet. This is a multiple daily thing.

So many people post the same question in different ways, but the same question all day long in local Facebook groups in my local Facebook groups, in your local Facebook groups. How do we as photographers not doom ourselves because everybody sister has an iPhone that can take a picture. So how do we step above besides from negotiation, which is to me the most obvious choice and that’s what I do when somebody says, you’re a little bit too expensive, or can we work this out? Yes, we can work it out, let’s talk about it. But how do we get past this as a, as professional photographers, how do we get past this as professional photographers or are we doomed? How do we get past this?

I would love to hear your thoughts, not just on the what. I just shared those comments, but I want to hear what’s happening in your area because I’m sure you’re facing similar problems. If you sell photography services because your brother and your sister have a phone and your neighbor who is could potentially be your client, also has a brother or sister who has a phone or a cousin or a friend who has a phone and everybody wants to save money. I get it. Heck, we a lot of shopping on Amazon and target and find ways to save money through that. Should you save money on photographer? What do we do? Comment. Let’s keep this conversation going and if you’d like to see more video content, more inspirational, educational, or just entertaining video content, click that subscribe button below. Right now. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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  1. This sounds more like a marketing problem than anything else. There are those clients who are price-conscious and those who are experience-conscious. The ones who are looking for a deal, don’t care so much about the experience and the opposite is true of those vying for a positive and transformative experience. So, it comes down to the individual photographer to figure out who her or his clients are and serve those in a way that makes sense for them both creatively and financially. I believe that there are opportunities every where. We may have to spend a little bit more time looking and connecting, perhaps, but that’s also part of the process that we need to embrace.

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