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The Loupedeck Live is a small console that sits on your desktop providing tactile controls for settings in your creative applications. The Loupedeck Live has built-in support and presets for Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, OBS, Screenflow, and much more. The beauty of the Loupedeck Live is that it’s a combination of an editing console and an Elgato Streamdeck. The digital buttons, with their custom screens and vibrations when touched, make live streaming easier. I have been building my own custom preset for Ecamm Live making scene switching, muting, and overlay displaying fast to control.

The Loupedeck Live is a powerful console for streaming, editing, and creating on the fly It puts the best of your tools and software right at your fingertips in one slick, smooth, and intuitive power console.

Loupedeck focuses on helping videographers, photographers, and designers simplify their workflow and speed up their processes.

So in this video, we’re taking a first look at the Loupedeck Live and share my thoughts on this beautiful and very useful tool.

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You might recall the video I did on the tour box that is that sort of Xbox game controller, like device used to control Lightroom Photoshop and some other software. Well, there’s a lot of companies in the market that do similar things. And today we’re talking about the loop deck live. He, this is Scott Wyden. Kivowitz a storyteller with a camera talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about. And in this video, we’re talking about this bad boy, that’s the loop deck live just like the tour box. The loop deck is a device that you can actually have all these buttons and dials program to do different things in different applications, on a windows machine, on a Mac machine. And it could really enhance and speed up your workflow in whatever software you’re working in. There’s multiple versions of the loop deck.

There’s the original loop deck, which counts like a keyboard with a bunch of buttons and dials. There’s a loop that plus there’s a whole bunch when Luke deck announced loop tech live, I knew that this was the device for me. And here is why you see, I not only do photography and edit my photos, but I also do videography as you know, because you’re watching one of my videos right now, I do some live streaming and webinars and things using e-com live and zoom and a bunch of applications and loop deck live is actually designed to be programmed for any software for a quick push of a button. And the buttons will actually there, these are little screens and they tell me exactly what the button will do. That’s right. Instead of me having to figure out, I can just look at the screen and say, Oh, that’s my mute button and push that.

And there’s a tactile feedback. So it sort of does this little vibrate when you push it. Now, the loop tech live does come with a bunch of built in presets and for different software like Lightroom and Photoshop and final cut pro and Adobe premier, and all these, there’s some additional custom profiles you can download, like for ScreenFlow and some software like that. There’s not a custom profile for econ live. So I’ve been building out my own for my own needs specifically. And it’s been working out really well. Now. There’s not much more. I can show you for this, besides how slim it is, this little stand pops on and off, you don’t need to use a stand, but actually like it. And it’s USB C driven as well. Just like the tour box was just go right there and you can see that video, but let’s head over to the computer and I can show you real quick what loop deck live can do.

Okay. So here we are at the computer and I want to show you very simply that first I’m going to show you how the loop deck switches automatically between what I’m doing at any given time. And right now I’m in Safari and you can see on the, on the loop deck screen, that it is actually showing me safaris you know, it control. So I can go ahead and use scroll then literally just a web scroll up and down, right? So there’s different buttons that do different things for a Safari that the are for the finder. I could up the activity, you know, levels of CPU usage of my computer any time by pushing that button when I’m on a default Mac software. And of course this can all be customized as well. All of these buttons can be customized, but you can see only these, the circle here.

And then one, two, three, and four have been customized for by default for Mac iOS. So now I’m in Lightroom and you can see that loop deck live has actually changed all of these buttons. All the buttons have changed. These dialogues have changed. The touch buttons here have all changed to actually be exactly what Luke tech believes should be configured for Lightroom. And of course, what they’ve done is they’ve actually made a one, two, three, and four and five to do different things. Like you could change the menu of what is, what is being displayed here and things like that. And, but there’s some quick dials up and down to just change temperature. So if I was to go to the develop module and once this loads, I can go ahead. And if you look at my screen at the same time as look at the loop deck, you’ll see that if I go and I’ll change the temperature right here, right?

So I’m gonna change the temperature with a little bit of dial movement. It’s gotta wait for Lightroom to load it super slow as always. And going to just, all I’m going to do is change the temperature, right? You can see, I turn the dial, the temperature changed in light room. I’m going to just undo it just cause I don’t want to screw up the work that I’m doing on this photo. And then if I was to switch over to Photoshop, you’ll see that instantly everything on loop deck live has changed to Photoshop. And of course the cool part is that I can use this in e-com live. So if we bring up the settings for loop deck, you will actually see that it shows me exactly what is on the screen. I can drag and drop and reorder things. I can change things. I can see what it’s going to be like in final cut pro, which is really cool.

I can actually go and see my, where is you cam here’s my, you can live. So I’ve customized all these buttons to match my scenes. And then of course, I’ve got some things here. So we have a timer that I use on chem, live my mute button. And then I have a whole bunch of scheduled actions here. It actually is doing a timer and then it’s unmuting and then going to a different scene. And all of that is in one button. It’s doing a whole bunch of things in one button. I can customize all of it. So what’s really cool is I can program it to anything. You can see a roar. HDR is in here. There’s Adobe audition. There’s a bunch of garage band. So for audio people who are working heavily in garage band or in other software like that, you can customize your capture.

One, all these are already built in, and then you can customize some other ones as you want. There’s even a Spotify one. So if you were listening to a lot of music and Spotify, you got a Spotify, one built in as well. Pretty, pretty cool. So when it comes to the loop tech live, if you were to compare it to the tour box, it’s about the same size. It feels as well made. Yes, there’s plastics in it. But the big advantage to me of the loop deck live over the tour box is that digital screen, the fact that I can customize what the buttons do and see what those buttons do in real time, no matter what application I’m in, it is a beautiful thing. The fact that I can use it for both editing and for the video webinars and live streams and whatnot is a beautiful thing. I’m excited to use the loop deck live, and I hope that you check it out. If you need something similar, if you don’t need the live streaming, check out the other products that Lupe deck offers, maybe that’s more suitable for you. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you. The next video. Don’t forget to click subscribe. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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