Lightroom Presets from Nicolesy

I’ve mentioned my friend Nicole before in a couple articles. Not only is she a photographer, writer, blogger, but she also happen to marry my friend Brian Matiash.

Most recently, Nicole has created a series of Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions. Most likely there will be some onOne Software presets to be released as well.

I had some time to spend with Nicole’s presets and found them to be inspirational.

Below is a video of my trying Nicole’s presets out for the first time. In it, you will notice that I keep stressing the fact that presets are meant to be a starting point and not used as a one-click solution to processing.

So there you have it. Nicole’s presets are awesome, inspirational and fun.

Ok, how about another video. Nicole recently published a promo video for her presets. Check it out!

Head over to Nicole’s website and either pick up individual sets or her entire bundle for $35.


Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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