Life without the Nikon D3

It’s been a few weeks now since I sold my Nikon D3 and have been soley using D700’s.  I got through my holiday shoots with only the D700’s.  What are my thoughts.  Well.  Having that extra cash was really nice.  All of the extra money went towards getting out of debt.  Here are my thoughts

  • The quality of the images from the D700 is IDENTICAL to the D3 which makes sense since those components are the same.
  • Although I don’t throw my gear around or mistreat it in anyway I know I have to be more concious of the D700 having a plastic pop up flash versus the D3’s full metal construction and lack of built in flash
  • I can carry more batteries with the D700 since they are 1/3 the size of the D3 batteries so that is nice!
  • Having the ability to remove the battery grip and carry a smaller SLR around on a daily basis is nice
  • The frames per second is slower on the D700 than the D3 which is a bit crummy but it’s still fast and strong!

Do I regret it?  No way!  Better yet, having two full frame identical bodies set the same way will actually do me better.  And I have 2 Nikno D700 bodies for less than the cost of 1 Nikon D3.  I’m a happy camper photographer.


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