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I have tried so many lens cleaning wipes and other solutions and products on the market. But I always come back to specific lens cleaning wipes that do the best job in every scenario. In this video, I share what my favorite lens cleaning wipes are and how to get them in bulk. Here is a hint… Nikon makes these lens wipes.

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So here’s the thing, you are out and about, you’re doing, you’re making some photographs and you get a smudge on your lens and let’s say you don’t have one of those lens brushes to get it off. You don’t want to use your tee shirt, you don’t want to use, you know, just anything. And let’s say that you have a soft lens cloth and it is not doing the job you could breathe on your Lens. And that’s sort of a worst case scenario because you really don’t want to use your own breath on your front of your Lens. The better thing to do is to use a liquid solution, but you don’t want to carry a big jug of liquid solution with you, right? Because that’s just not ideal. It’s heavy, it’s bulky and it’s liquid that you don’t want near your equipment. So what do you do?

There are a lot of companies who make products like this. This, this is a lens wipe. It’s in a tiny, you know, pouch and all you do is rip it open and you wipe your lens and then in a matter of seconds, it automatically dries in itself. You don’t even need another cloth. I have tried these from pro master, from Zeiss, from Nikon, from so many different companies, even ones that are meant for normal glasses and a lot of them smudge, not smudge, but they leave like a residue on your Lens. That isn’t always ideal and what I found is that these are actually the best ones out there. These are from Nikon, and when you’re lucky, you can get them in bulk on Amazon in a box.

This is a box of 200 lens wipes. Now these work on lenses for your glasses, camera, lenses, phones, these are absolutely the best I’ve ever tried. That’s not just because I’m a Nikon Fan boy, okay? I do love Nikon Butt, but it’s this not because I am a just a Nikon fan boy, it’s actually because these really are the best I’ve ever tried. It’s something so simple. Basically whenever I go out for a session, whenever I go out to do street photos or anything like that, I opened this box like this and I just grabbed a handful of these and I throw them in my bag. They’re light, they way practically nothing, take up very little space in the bag and they do the job. So whenever I accidentally put my finger on the lens or buy for the photograph family, so sometimes the kids want to mess with things.

If they get their fingers on, I just take a lens wipe and quickly wipe it off and I know that’s not going to take forever for it to dry it seconds like two seconds and it’s done and then I’m back to it. Perfectly Clean Lens, that’s it. Use it to clean your filters, use it to clean your phone, get all the fingerprints off your phone, makeup off her phone when you’re and all that fun stuff. Just check out Amazon. I will link to it and it’s not always on Amazon, it’s only on Amazon. When the stores that sell through Amazon have it available, buy it. I think it was like $15 or something like that for our entire box of 200 and they less, they’ve been lasting me already like four years. So there’s a lot of them in here. You don’t need them that much. So check them out. If you liked this video, click that subscribe button below. Right now. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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