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I had an impromptu iPhone photo session, a maternity photo shoot while attending a friends wedding, as a guest. One of the bridesmaids was due with her first child a month or so after the wedding. She never had maternity photos made for her. So when I was asked to capture some, I made the best of a not so ideal situation. I used two iPhone photography apps to make the best of what I had to work within the room: Halide and Darkroom. I then positioned the subject(s) in front of a really nice textured wall and used one overhead light and only the one light. I also had nothing to use as a reflector. So editing would have to be done afterward using local adjustments to brighten the bottom part of the photos.

I wasn’t expecting the photos to come out very good, but I was happy with the result. Especially with the limitations I was presented with at the time.

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The beginning of December, I was at a wedding and I was not photographing the wedding. I was there as a guest. You see my wife was one of the bridesmaids along with a bunch of her other friends. One of the bridesmaids was pregnant and she never did maternity photos. She’s. She’s actually do, I believe it was February or end of January or something like that, so she was pretty far along. And what do you do when you’re asked to do an impromptu maternity session at a wedding and all you have is an iphone. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a storyteller with a camera and talking about all the things photographers like you and I are thinking about in this video we are going to be talking about impromptu photo sessions with an iphone when you have no control over anything. As you heard the beginning of this video, I was asked to do an impromptu maternity session.

It wasn’t really a session. It was more like a quick five minutes of just some iphone photos, but I want to talk about the situation and what I wound up doing in order to get a photo that the couple was happy with, so there was a wedding photographer there, but we’re not about to ask the wedding photographer to come and photograph one of the bridesmaids to. They can have a documented photo of the pregnancy. What I ended up doing was I found a wall. This room that this wedding was in, had a divider wall that you could open and close and it was half open, half closed. I went over to the wall and found that there was one high hat light right above in this perfect spot and it would make for a really good overhead, sort of dramatic light, but I had to be very careful about it because it means that the bottom of the photo, which pretty much her bell is going to be blocking that light from going too far down.

So pretty much the bottom of the photo would be dark. It also wouldn’t be flattering on her face, so incentive for looking at the phone at the camera. I had her look away instead of using just a regular camera app on my iphone I used, he lied. He lied. Is a really cool APP and it’s made by x developers at Apple. It’s not perfect, but it has a lot of really cool features that I love, but because it’s not perfect, it did crash a few times during the process. Now if you have a camera that has portrait mode, like the iphone 10 for example, then you can use this feature called depth mode inside of Haylight, which means that when you’re editing the photo after you can actually have control over the exposure and whatnot of the foreground and background separate from each other. Yes, I could have done this in light room and use some, uh, local adjustments.

But I wanted something quick. I wanted something I can email to them or text to them very fast right then and there at the wedding. So I didn’t use a light room APP. I up using haylight and then to edit it, I use the dark room app and I will show you both of these in a second, but basically dark room is there are two separate developers, but they partnered with each other to make it really easy to edit the photos from haylight in dark room. Haylight will photograph in Ra and dark room. We’ll edit those for us. So the photo came out really, really good. I was very happy with it. I have a color version. I have a black and white version. There are two photos that I wound up finishing for them and one is just of her and one are the couple together.

You know the father and the mother together and it’s pretty good. Let’s go to the computer so you can have a look at how it looks from the screen instead of like this. So this is. He lied. This APP allows me to quickly swipe up and down for exposure and this is really important because when I was doing this, all I was doing was focusing on the on the the subjects and then swiping up and down to get it to be brighter or darker and this was what I needed to do to make the photo not boring because of the high hat light that was illuminating the subjects. Inhaler, you can take advantage of apple’s portrait mode. They call it depth mode. If I just tap that, you’ll see it’s going to change. It’s going to zoom in, it’s going to use the other lens, and I can then I can then you know, try to find a face turn off face.

You can see there, it’s a finding the edges right there. If I do this off my chair and then the products in the background, I can then swipe up and down and make it darker or lighter. You can see that as a histogram, shows your eve levels. You could actually control all of every. Everything in manual. You can control your aperture and shutter and all that stuff and then I can just take the picture and the caption. So you probably noticed that the APP crashed. Halon has been crashing lately. I think it has something to do with the depth mode. I don’t know. Hopefully they get it fixed soon. But anyway, so here is a one of the final products, right? Uh, let me go back to this one. You can see here that um, she is looking at the camera, the light is over overhead.

She, her face just looks horrible because it’s just not well lit and so I asked her to look forward instead and she did and this is what I got instead of that. And all this was was taking a main exposure of base exposure and just wiping down to make it darker. And that was all just in the one app. And then what I did is I push the little button there at the bottom that two mountains for the APP darkroom, which haylight partnered with for the editing part of this process. And with that, I brought a dark room and with a couple clicks and a couple of movements of sliders, which you’ll see in a second. I came up with this. This is the final product that I could then tweak further up. I really want to, because you can see it’s a little dark on the bottom.

That’s because I’m dark room app, does not have any local adjustment tools. So I could bring it into light mobile and do some local adjustments there. I could bring it to the computer and use Luminari or unknown photo raw or light room or photoshop and do some local adjustments there or whatever I choose. Now after this one, we brought her husband into it and you can see that we’ve got this photo and this looked at lists look really good. And then I asked them to do something else and they did this, which is really good. Uh, I had him kiss the back of her head and then I did the same thing and brought into dark room and it came out with this. I love how this one looks. Again, I wish the bottom was a little bit brighter. I’m limited to what I had available.

I had one overhead light and that was it. So let me show you what it looks like when I bring this into darker. I’m going to hit the dark room button. It’s going to bring it right here. It’s a dark room and now with one click I can go to their presets and choose this present. It’s a very selected. Go back and there’s that preset. I can then go to the sliders. I can bring up the brightness of the photo. I can bring up the shadows of the photo. Or did you go. There’s a shadow shadows. I can do the shadows. Uh, there’s a lot you can do and you can do it for the foreground and the background separate, which is really nice. Let me find a different photo. Let’s go to this one of them being really silly. Again, I can go ahead and see foreground background.

If I go to the foreground, we can even adjust the depth of this so we can make the depth really, really wider or we can make it, you know, truth the background. Okay, so now we can go ahead and say shadows. Let’s bump up the shadows more. We can go to the background. We can bring the background down up. There’s a lot that we can do like that right inside of this app, and again, I could bring this to the computer and do a lot more. So there you have it. That is how you can easily just get away with doing an impromptu session. Even if you had a wedding, just using your phone. All you need are two apps, haylight, which is fantastic when it doesn’t crash and of course you need dark room for the editing process. I love dark room for the fastest editing on a phone.

Lightroom mobile is also a really good editing tool on the phone, but it is slower process than the darker map, so I have to say thank you to the mack worldwide warranty company. I get a macro warranty and everything from my phone to my lighting, to my cameras and lenses and computers. If you need an extended warranty on any of your equipment, check out the macro to warranty their diamond warranty, which covers drops and liquid and things like that. Available electronic stores and camera stores around the world, and if you liked this video, click that subscribe button below. Now, I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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