iPhone 12 Pro Max – Why?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is here, and with a lot of criticism from the tech community. However, I’m happy with mine. In this video, I share why I purchased the iPhone 12 Pro Max as a replacement for my iPhone X. This video is recorded 100% on the iPhone 12 Pro Max using the standard and the wide lenses.

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I want to talk about why I went with the iPhone 12 pro max. I’m going to talk about it from a very practical standpoint, from somebody who is a photographer, somebody who’s creating a video content and somebody who is a father. So here we are, it is 2020, almost the end of 2020. And the new iPhone 12 came out. There are four iPhone twelves, and I am currently using the iPhone 12 pro max. And it’s sitting on top of a switch pod. I am handholding this right now. And as you can see, it’s pretty sturdy just being handheld, but it’s also kind of narrow. I’m pretty close to the camera. But one of the cool things about the iPhone 12 pro max is this. Now I am in it’s wide lens. Yes. The iPhone 12 Promax has a wide lens, which was the number one selling point for me as somebody who does video content and for somebody who loves wide angle photography, you see this wide lens is very wide.

I used to use on my iPhone 10. I had the moment lens. It was the 18 millimeter wide view is pretty wide. When you add it to your phone now with the iPhone 12 pro max, I no longer need my moment lenses, unless I want to do macro. We’re adding my telephoto on to extend. I don’t need a wider view than what I have built into the phone. This means that if I’m using a gimbal, if I am using anything that I need to balance, I don’t have that whole weight issue of adding an extra lens. It’ll just balance to the phone. It also means that it’s just less bulky, less in my pocket, less to hold a little lighter. I don’t need that extra weight from the lens. And of course the best part is that I have a microphone plugged into my, uh, lightning port right now.

And you can’t see it. It’s wide view, but it’s not wide enough that you can see that microphone. That’s a really nice thing. One of the coolest parts is that this room that I’m in right now is actually pretty dark and the bigger sensor, even though it’s not too big, the bigger sensor in the 12, Promax the built in sensor stabilizer because the sensor is actually shifting to stabilize, not just digital and not just the lens, but the sensor stabilizer and the little bit bigger sensor and the improved camera technology has actually made low-light photography and videography really nice on this phone. Now, why did I get the 12 pro max instead of the 12 pro, which also has the three different lenses on it? Well, here’s the thing. I’m a father and my kids both have iPads. One of which was my iPad. So I no longer have an iPad, but I like to read sometimes.

And I like to do things on a bigger screen. At times when I’m putting my son to sleep, sometimes I will sit in his chair and I will read it for about 10 minutes until he falls asleep and then walk out of the room. But without an iPad that mine, I was kind of squinting a little bit, trying to read books on a smaller screen. Now I have sort of the best of both worlds. Yes. As a phone, the 12 Promax is a little bit larger than a typical iPhone. However, at the same time, it’s smaller than an iPad, which means that, uh, I’ve got a decent sized screen for reading text and from eBooks if I want, but also smaller than an iPad. To me, it’s sort of two birds, one stone when it comes to reading, but that pretty much sums it up.

The reason why I went with a 12 pro max one is the screen size is a little bit better for me to read. It makes for the few games that I play. It also makes that a little bit more enjoyable. And the most important reason was for the enhanced camera for photography and for videography, just having that wide lens, having the little bit better sensor quality makes a big difference in the long scheme of things. And as somebody who usually has a camera with them, wherever they go, it does make it nice that sometimes I can leave my camera at home and just rely on my iPhone for the times when I just want a break from an bigger camera, by the way, do check out the video about the heads up display. This thing is amazing. Do you do wind up getting an iPhone 12, which version of the iPhone 12 did you get, did you get the 12 mini, the 12, the 12 pro or the 12 pro max comment? Let me know what you got and why did you choose the one that you chose? And if you liked this video, click that subscribe button right now, I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday, whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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