Easy & Beautiful iPad Portfolios With Portfolio Pro

Portfolio Pro is a brandable photo & video presentation iPad app for photographers.

What I absolutely love about the app is how easy it makes portfolio creation.

I’ve tried its competitors, but by far, Portfolio Pro is the best.


Setting up the portfolio is super simple, with importing photos from your Dropbox, Flickr or Gallery.  You can also add your logo, change text choose your portfolio cover photograph and more.


You will have to enlarge the screenshot above to see the detail, but turning pages has a Flipboard style effect so it feels more like a book than an app.  I love small user experience features like this!


You can have multiple galleries, so if you’re meeting with a wedding client versus a real estate client, they do not have to look at unnecessary photographs.  You also have the option to pick which photograph is the cover of the gallery.


Inside each album is the gallery of photographs.  They can be organized to the photographer’s liking and are clean thumbnails.  Click on a thumbnail, of course, will bring up the photo larger.


From the enlarged photo screen, you have the ability to return to the gallery, start the slideshow, go to the previous or next photograph or share the photo.

Portfolio Pro

In Conclusion

Portfolio Pro is the ideal portfolio iPad app for photographers.  It does what is has to do without adding useless frills.  It enables photographers to display their photographs on the stunning iPad screen, manage galleries and sell more to clients.

The only thing I would say that Portfolio Pro needs is two-way sync NextGEN Gallery integration.  Now that would be an amazing feature.  Imagine you can manage the portfolio on your iPad and website at the same time.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Thanks for the tip Scott. Great app. I was on Scott Kelby’s page and saw your link. I agree with you – this app is a lot better than the one he was recommending.

  2. This was a good, functional folio app. I used it for years, multiple types of work in multiple folios made it very easy to listen to the person in front of me and decide which set(s) of images to show. Imagine my dismay to have it fail completely a few weeks ago in NYC.
    Everything is gone as the app will not work with latest version of Safari…
    Now having spent much a whole lot of time reviewing alternatives I’m considering junking my iPad completely.

    1. You could use Lightroom Mobile to share your portfolio with others.

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