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Inspire in 300 Series Inspire in 300 is a blog series where creative photographers share who and/or what inspires their photography, and in at least 300 words.

Photography is in my blood. It started with my grandfather, to my father and now me. I am fortunate to also have my grandfather’s Nikon F which he treated like a child, so it’s in pristine condition. I am still have my father’s Fujica AZ-1, which was my first camera.

I believe art is more than just learned. I think it is born with you and the actions you take in life determine the direction your artwork goes.

When I was younger, I did not photograph the world as much as I do now. In fact, during high school I brought a camera with me only when necessary I started my college career at Berklee College of Music with the intention of going into the music recording business. After realizing the music industry wasn’t for me, I changed majors and continues my college career with a photography focus.

In college, I learned so much from inspiring professors and mentors. I learned about Robert Frank, Lee Friedlander and so many other amazing photographers. Each of them are inspirational in one way or another.

Since college, I continue finding my inspiration through other photographers, but at the same time throughout life in general. I am constantly inspired by people with care, whether they’re in the photography industry or not. People like Ellen DeGeneres, who is 100% about kindness. People like Jason Mraz, who is 100% about spreading love through music.

People like these, and all the photography friends I made during my time at school, through freelance work, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. You all inspire me with amazing photographs.

Most of all, I am inspired by the my father, who I wish was still with me to see how far I have come with the art. I live my life, and take my photographs with the though that he is watching and proud – and I know he is.

So what inspires you?

My name is Scott Wyden Kivowitz and I am a photographer.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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