Infuse Your Photo On Aluminum With Aluminyze


Aluminyze is a print lab with one purpose, to make your photos shine on a stunning aluminum sheet.

There are many labs printing on metal now, but Aluminyze makes the process so easy.

When I first ordered my print, the process went very smooth.  The options were very visible, and the soft proof was fairly good quality.


The problem I encountered came after ordering the print.  Somehow, my order was never processed.  But a quick email and the order was re-sent to the lab for processing.  In a matter of days there was a box at my door.


The print is on a sheet of aluminum, with a great thickness. Not too much, but not too thin.


The edges of the metal are smooth and curved so a person doesn’t get cut.


My favorite part of the Aluminyze print is the floating mount.  There is something about a photograph floating on a wall that just looks amazing.

My final opinion on Aluminyze?  Easy platform, beautiful vibrant prints on an amazing surface.  Why not try it?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


Photographs taken with an iPhone 4S

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