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Today i’m sharing the release of my second book in the photography genre. ┬áThis one is published through Blurb and is available as a physical book or an eBook. ┬áThe eBook is also available through Blurb and can be sent to your iPad for a beautiful viewing experience.

In this book I share some of my favorite photographs (from 2011) which were captured using an iPhone and iPad and a variety of camera apps. These photographs and many others can be viewed on my Phone Blog in real time as they’re captured.

Book Preview

Here are a few of the pages that you will find in the book.

Pure iPhonography

A note about the book: My goal of this book was not to talk about iPhoneography or about myself (at all really). The book is filled with iPhoneographs on every page. No descriptions, no biography. Just imagery.

Recent iPhoneography

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