I call it Boston Bad Brackets.  Now show me yours

Boston Bad BracketsRemember that post when I compared the basic tone-mapping results of HDR Efex Pro, Photomatix and HDR Expose? I talked about how difficult the brackets were.  In fact, they were that bad because I was not planning on creating a HDR from them.  Go figure that one out!  At the time I shot the brackets, I changed lenses and was planning on shooting some small brackets just in-case I had a poor exposure.  So really, the brackets aren’t meant for HDR but sometimes we have to challenge ourselves. So below is a download link.  I am sharing my original, untouched DNG files.  I want you to download them and process them as you would any other set of brackets.  Then upload your results to your blog, Flickr or wherever.  Share the link by commenting below.  Challenge yourself to create a HDR from a set of really crummy brackets.  Create a HDR from a set of brackets that were not intended to be a HDR.  It may sound silly, but it really is a challenge.

I was handholding the camera when I took the photos.  To top it off, there were moving people and vehicles in the scene.  Ideally you want to photograph HDR brackets on a tripod.  Having movement in the scene typically means letting the ghosting remain in the final product or spend a good amount of time in Photoshop by masking the ghosts out. – Photomatix, HDR Efex Pro and HDR Expose.  Similar but different

Don’t forget, the brackets were handheld and there is a lot of movement going on.  Think smart but be creative! Download Boston Bad Brackets Thanks for reading and happy processing, Scott I almost forgot.  If you enjoy the idea of downloading other photographer’s brackets and comparing results make sure you join me and other photographers on the Facebook page, HDR Tennis.

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  1. Sounds good, I’m in but I may take a while to do it.

  2. Hi Scott! I have been following your Blog for a bit now. Great stuff.

    I have had a go at processing your brackets. Hope you like it! My first image on Flickr!



    1. Very cool contrast. I like the dramatic sky as well!

  3. Sounds interesting Scott, I’m in. Be back soon!

  4. Scott, I have a processed final image but where can I post it for you to see?

    1. You can upload it to Facebook, Flickr or your website. Just post a link and I’ll check it out

  5. Whoops forgot the link!

    Its here –

  6. Her stab at it Scott – what a fun chalenge.

    1. Thanks for having a go at it Tom. I just left a comment on your blog post :-)

      1. Awesome BW version. I love how the sky and the building on the left came out!

  7. Hi Scott. I set my attempt to auto-post at 11:00 am Eastern so it won’t immediately displace my regular post for the day. I’m going to be in meetings all day so I’m posting this now. This link should work after 11:00: https://wp.me/pG4nj-AY.

    1. I am enjoying the grunge in the street and the blue sky. Nicely done.

  8. Scott, my version is now on Flickr, check it out

    1. Great processing. I love the colors you got out of the buildings

  9. Hi Scott. Here is my cut on the challenge. Thanks for inviting us to participate! Image: . Full blog post @

  10. Scott – I decided to try something a little different for this one. Here’s the link to my Boston Bad Bracket HDR.

    1. Interesting is a good word to use :-) I like the twists and turns of the building on the left. Great that the street and sky are normal too. Processing is nice as well.

    1. Just commented on your blog. Thanks for having a go at it!

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