How to photograph an HDR without bracketing

So you purchased a camera that can shoot RAW because you wanted the ability to experiment with HDR. Maybe it’s a Canon G11 or the amazing new S90. Unlike most SLR cameras which have auto exposure bracketing (BKT or AEB) point and shoot cameras typically do not. However these cameras usually have some sort of manual capabilities or a dial that says M P A S or Tv.


To photograph for an HDR image put the camera on aperture priority which is usually symbolized by an A. Take a picture. Now look or the +/- symbol on the back of your camera or in the menu. This symbol stands for exposure compensation. Adjust the exposure compensation up +2 stops and then another photo -2 stops. You have no taken three exposures all at different levels. With that done you can now merge the images into an HDR software like Photomatix to generate the HDR.

Don’t forget to bring it back into Lightroom or Photoshop for some more post production!

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