How I’m using Posterous as a photographer and blogger

PosterousMy friend, Oscar Navarro sent me a message on Twitter asking for some help with Posterous. I decided to make a video to show how I’m using Posterous for my Cell Phone Photo Blog, Gathered Blog, Prius Blog and HDR Photog. I had to split the video into two parts because YouTube only allows up to 15 minutes and the video is almost 25 minutes long. If you’re thinking of creating a blog and have been deciding between Blogspot (Owned by Google, used by Strobist), Posterous, Tumblr and then please give my video a view. Hopefully it helps with your decision.

In the video I mentioned that I have HDR Photog tweeting specific wording. In the screen shot below you can see how it is set up. Basically: Posted On Title of Post URL OF POST #HDR #OTHERTAGS

Thanks for reading, watching and happy blogging,

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    1. On each of my Posterous pages I do not put affiliate links. On top of that, the one page that I do include my affiliate links, Posterous left them alone. That article is outdated.

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