HDR Express announced from Unified Color, simple HDR software

HDR Express

Unified Color, creators of HDR Expose and 32 Float, have announced it’s lightweight version of HDR Expose. This bad boy is titled, HDR Express. Below is the press release.

  • Fast
  • Smart
  • Visual Presets
  • Simple Sliders
  • Halo reduction all the time
  • Did I mention fast?

Available in December for $85, or for current customers $50. If you’re in New York you can get a demo at PhotoPlus Expo 2010, Booth #673.

Unified Color Technologies, the experts in high dynamic range imaging (HDR), today announced the launch of its latest software, HDR Express, which has been specifically designed to meet the demands of enthusiasts who are new to HDR software and looking to create stunning images. HDR Express offers an extremely accessible option for photographers ready to try their hand at HDR imaging for the first time, as well as HDR veterans seeking a simplified workflow. With HDR Express, Unified Color has automated some of the most complex aspects of HDR photography while allowing users to take advantage of Unified Color’s patented Beyond RGB™ color technology to create the most realistic HDR renderings possible. On display for a first-look in the company’s booth (#673) throughout PhotoPlus Expo 2010 (Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY, October 28-30, 2010), HDR Express will be available for purchase in December 2010.

HDR Express

To help demystify the HDR process, HDR Express automates many portions of the HDR production process, such as tone mapping and halo reduction, offering a streamlined and very easy-to-follow workflow. Upon importing the multiple exposures required for the HDR process, the simplified user interface presents an animated preview of their HDR image along with five tone mapping presets to choose from, each optimized for highlight, midtone or shadow rendering. For the quickest results, users can then choose from a series of color and style presets or create their own presets using the program’s adjustment sliders. Adjustment sliders are available for brightness, highlight and shadow recovery, black point, contrast, saturation and white balance. In addition to the streamlined workflow, the newly developed processing algorithms in HDR Express enables users to view edits in real-time.

“This is a real game changer. With HDR Express we have dramatically reduced the complexity and learning curve for HDR photography software,” said Alfred Zee, CEO of Unified Color Technologies. “For the first time, novice photographers will be able to produce great results from their HDR images with the same type of intuitive tools they use for all their other images. We have developed an entirely new workflow that makes ‘True Color’ HDR results attainable for any photographer that previously struggled with complicated HDR editing terminology and techniques.”

Like all Unified Color products, HDR Express leverages the company’s Beyond RGB color model, resulting in the most true-to-life HDR possible. Beyond RGB separates brightness from color information thus eliminating the color shifts often associated with tone mapping, a process that often results in undesired artifacts that many associate with the “HDR look”. As a result, HDR Express produces a more accurate representation of the colors and tonal range that the photographer saw in the viewfinder.

Whether using HDR Express to apply HDR effects to a single image or merging unlimited exposures to maximize the dynamic range, the software accepts popular JPEG and TIFF files as well as many of the major manufacturers’ RAW formats. Once the work has been finalized, users can save the results as a JPEG, 8-bit or 16-bit TIFF, or preserve the full dynamic range of the HDR image by exporting in Unified Color’s proprietary 32-bit BEF file.

Scheduled for release in December 2010, HDR Express will be available for $99. Photographers can sign up for availability notification at Unified Color. Throughout December, Unified Color will also be offering special introductory pricing, during which the software will be available for $85. Current Unified Color customers looking to take advantage of HDR Express’ streamlined workflow can purchase the software for $50.

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  1. Cool ~ Gr8 article Scott.

    Another “gotta get” asap. ;)

  2. Hello Scott, I turn to you for help on the Hdr express, I am running a windows 7 64 bit pro machine. my problem is that when i try to save my file i get a message telling me that (cant open ICC data profile) I selected PROphoto as my color space and checked the box beside the profile. I have been in touch with unified color about this for over a week and we cannot seem to get this resolved. Any assistance you can advise me with on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for your kind assistance.

    1. Ivan,

      I wish I had a solution for the problem but unfortunately I couldn’t help you with a software issue. Unified Color will have to figure that one out, and I’m sure they will. Please let me know if you or Unified Color find the solution.

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