Having fun with the Jarvie Window

Scott Jarvie, a photographer from Utah, came up with a cool idea using a fisheye lens and a Rayflash.  He called it the Jarvie Window.  Not only is it a brilliant idea and a really awesome concept but the name has a great ring to it as well.  Check out Scott Jarvie’s blog for all of his great Jarvie Window photos.  I will be having some fun with the concept as well.

Here is a summary of how to create the Jarvie Window

  1. Digital SLR
  2. Fisheye Lens
  3. RayFlash
  4. Strobe (I use an SB800) at the lowest setting (1/128)
  5. Aperture at f/8
  6. Get close and personal
  7. Shoot away!

Thanks for reading and checking out my first batch of Jarvie Window photos.  Happy shooting,


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