Comparing Hasselbad H3 and Hummer H3: bang for the buck

Let’s compare the Hasselblad H3 and the Hummer H3.  Why?  Same model name and the same price! So why not!

Hasselblad H3

  • I don’t think it’s weather sealed at all so I wouldn’t recommend even take it out of the studio
  • Needs heavy duty batteries or an AC Adapter and HUGE Compact Flash cards or a tethered computer
  • Has a really sexy press shot!
  • Was in SPACE

Hummer H3

  • Can drive over rocks and through deep water
  • Need’s a crap load of diesel gas


  • Both look good when modeled with a person
  • Both originals were pretty bad a$$
  • Both companies have logos which are black text on white background
  • Both can be carried by helicopters

Which is better?  Hasselblad because well, it’s a Hasselblad.  But is it worth the money?  You be the judge.






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