Good advertising that’s bad advertising

It works but makes you mad


I always get frustrated when I see a horribly annoying advertisment come on television or on a YouTube video.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy good commercials, however there are some that just shouldn’t exist… or should they?

Don’t call Michael Bolton

yea – it’s still in my head from three days ago. Or those Geico pig commercials. They are annoying to no end, but do their job because I am talking about them right now.

Bing and it’s never done

How about those Bing It On commercials. They rave about how good they are yet whenever I use Bing for any searching, I rarely find what I need and results that should be at the top aren’t there.

Searching for New Jersey Photographer

Look at this screen shot. I did a search for my most important keyword, New Jersey Photographer. On most search engines I come up either 1st or 2nd, depending on tracking, social media and day/time of searching.

I know that Bing’s commercial clearly says “web’s top searches” but that just strengthens my point. No one who sees the commercial is going to visit the site and do a search for the “web’s top searches”, they’re going to search for what they would normally search for.

However on Bing and Yahoo (Bing pretty much drives Yahoo search now) I am further down the results, but at least still on the 1st page. Not to mention that Bing always puts Suggested Search on even when in incognito mode. Not to mention that Bing does not show 10 results by default (usually 6 – 8 results).

Bing is horrible in my opinion. I cannot stand the results that it provides for any keyword. Every once in a while I will go back to Bing It On to play with search terms. Almost always I get 1 result where Bing wins.

So is Bing’s great ad campaign, Bing It On good advertising or bad advertising?

I’d say it is good because it is getting myself and many other people around the world to use tool. Even if Bing fails, they have people using it.

I am just not sure what their goal is considering:

  • Their results suck (yup)
  • There are no ads on that site

Got me – but Bing It On is a great example of bad advertising that’s good advertising.

All of this got me thinking about photography advertising. I have never (at least it doesn’t come to mind) seen a photography specific advertising that is a combination of both good and bad. Typically I have found either or.

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